Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lucky chairs, group gifts and some CRAZY hair

Let me start with some GREAT shoes I got from the MM board at SD shoes. They also have a freebie in their store (before you start shouting: the skin tone isn't right let me tell you I tried to adjust it with the hud but I couldn't manage to get it right, sorry !)

The next item is the April gown by Saschas design. WOW another amzing gown for her group members and the nice thing is you can buy extra skirts to adjust the gown to your taste. Joining costs you 50 L but you get about 30 former group gifts for those 50 L$, so it is well spend. And a new free gown or dress each month!
Take the TP to the monthly gown at the entrance of the store.
Or just walk there.

There were some more stores where I got shoes or boots. One of them is GRUMBLE. They have lots of MM board at their store and usually they are filled with store cards. Group is needed to click them though (joining is free). Upstairs they have loads of mini mania boards AND 3 lucky chairs and what I got from those is shown below !
(I am not showing you the 1000 L$ store card I got from the MM board *sticks tongue out*)
Shoes, shirt and shorts and bangles all from the Lucky chairs.

Skirt, shoes and bangles from lucky chairs. Shirt blogged yesterday.

Two toned shirt, pants and ballet shoes from lucky chairs.

Atooly also has an outfit with boots. It is from the FTWPB hunt and you have to find a pink heart.Shirt was blogged yesterday.

Allusions has jeans and a cute bag as a freebie in their store. They also participate in the Pot O gold hunt (find the green shamrock) and you will get this lovely blouse.

If you are wondering about this crazy hair: I got it from the lucky board at The art of beauty hair. It is really CRAZY...clothes hangers are tangled in the hair, necklaces, and even a cute teddybear is hanging by one foot...

JD design has this cute freebie for us all in store :)

This is the monthly group gift by Gizza, sooo sexy this month. I love it. Booties are by Babymonkey.

And this is the group gift by Envy, also a sexy outfit. Besidfes that: green is my fav color :)

Thalking about green...House of Benningborough has a lovely group gift in store and even though it is not quite green (it is teal) I still love the color and the ways you can wear the gown !

Silver Rose design has a lovely group gift. This lovely dress in off white. They also have a freebie in teir yard, the medival gowns. They come in 2 varieties and in 3 colors. (not showing all)

Ho wear has 3 freebies in their store and they are all the same but come in different colors. You get a sleeves top, a strapless top, a bra in black or whire and pants in 2 colors so you can mix and match.

Last one for today is Sassy. They have this lovely outfit with a light blue top, a sheer black top and a cropped top as a gift on their MM board. The tops come in all layers so you can wear them on top of eachother too.

Happy shopping ladies !

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