Thursday, March 10, 2011

YAY my PC is back...boy did I miss it...

Don't you think PCs are male? They break down unexpectedly and whine and groan. They never ever do what you expect them to do. But you still miss them when they are not there.
So mine is repaired, it has a whole new inner side, motherboard and a complete new character :)
Lets see if I can manage to put up a HUGHE blog...
Let me start with the new items at Bubblez. Lovely new group gift AND new items in their lucky boards. Very much worth waiting for :)
Comes with the booties

Lovely necklaces in different colors or a set with earrings (dreamcatcher)

These are skins and the hair comes with them, by Bubblez.

Almost all shoes on my blog are by BabyMonkey. I simply love their shoes and they also are very versatile. Most of them are color change and they look GREAT in pics too :)
They are not free, but Babymonkey has a Lucky chair in their shop and also 2 MM boards.

The next shop..lemme think...was Diavolicious. They have plenty hunts going on and guess what? ALL hunt items are at the smae spot. So take your pick :) I should have found this before Carnaval beause they have a FREE clowns costume which I have been looking for for days before Carnaval. And a very elegant Peacock costume too (it is a male hunt gift)

This one is a male gift, called peacock.

Cuddle bear :) The bear liked what I was wearing very much ;)
This gown is called Tsunamy, I wonder why?

Now some stuff from all over. A lovely green dress as a group gift by G Field.
Comes with the cute stockings. Actually a St. Patrick Day gift.

Or a lovely sweater by Graffitti wear.

Or this cute outfit by E-dior :)

Or for example this great set, sexy pants and lovely top, by Mo designs. It comes with the skin but the skin is a bit to yellow for me. It is a gift from the Path to spring hunt. Look for the blue butterfly. (in the big pic I am wearing my usual skin, not the gift one)
(the cute booties are a new release by BabyMonkey)

This lovely dress by Vicarious Vitea is also a gift from the Path to Spring hunt (look for the blue butterfly). Doesn't it have SPRING written all over it?

Or maybe you like the top by Wooz more? It is a subscribo gift.

Last one to blog for today is the gift in the FabFree group by Tea lane. Lovely Mardi Gras skins. Join FabFree and look in notices. Comes with mask :)

Well I think my male PC did well on its first day back.
Happy shopping ladies :)

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