Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes I get sooooo tired from shopping...

First of all I am sorry to inform you the Dany French shop is closed and has vanished. Thanks Riviera for letting me know.

OMG I was sooooo tired after all the shopping today...
BUT ! I got this lovely dress in tiger print and it really was worth shopping all afternoon. You can find the dress here and G & N. The cute flats are by Babymonkey (not free)

I am really into cute dresses as spring is coming and I just long for the end of winter. So here goes. A cute spring dress by Pas de deux. It comes with flowers all around you but I had to make the pic darker to show you these (as the background was white) So below is a darker and a lighter pic. It costs you 1 L$ though.

The next dress is by Pure style and it is in teal and very nice to wear when the sun is shining. Pure Style also has a very lovely spring dress in red and white. Both dresses are 1 L$.

Immerschön has a St. Patrick day outfit in store. Ofcourse it is in green and it comes with a hughe hat ;)

PWD also has a cute skirt and top with hat to wear at St. Patrick Day.

Then this cute tartan dress is found HERE. It is by Aliza Karu Creations.

What else did I get? Hmm let me think...ah yes...Jazmyn D has a LOVELY spring dress with wedges to go with it. WOW I love the flowers and the cotton feel of the dress. The bag is by Magi Take (blogged quite a while ago)

KKBB has this cute red dress to wear in spring and Nana has this pink dress (1 L$) with the fur jacket in case spring isn't that warm yet.

This skirt and shoes made me feel like a newbie again....I thought it was fun to show you all :) the pink top is by 8-bit me and the green top is by Milly Molly. The cute cupcake box is by 8-bit me.

These capris are by Foxy Fashions and they come in a fatpack. The tops are by DS and called Dirty tops. One is green, the other dark blue.

OK for the ladies who love gothic I found these 2 outfits by Gothica. The top one is called Tesa. The bottom one is called Seduce. Both are 1 L$ each.

Last ones I found are 2 lovely gowns. They are the same but one is Electric Blue and the other one Orange. They are by Demia.

That was it for today ladies.
Happy shopping !!

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