Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Awram Vie, Ezura, Hudsons, SD wear and Shiki

Today I only went to a few shops...I named them abovee so I wills tart with Awram Vie. They have closed their outlet in the sky BUT when you TP there and you click the signs where they tell you it is closed, you can BUY 2 GREAT pants for 0 L$, a red one and a khaki one.
Shirt is by Jane.

Shirt with head band is an older freebie by Nautica (find the steering wheel for a ship on top of the vendor)
At their regular store they have loads of lucky boards and dollarbies (1 L$).

Shirt with head band is by Suki's silken fashion (find the steering wheel from the Nautical hunt) , jewelry by Arata Shouten (dollarbie)

From lucky board at Awram Vie.

The next store was Ezura. I styled the Azura group gift dollarbies (1 L$) with the clothes from Awram vie. Ezura also participates in the Steam 4 hunt and the Twisted hunt.
Skirt by Awram Vie
Skirt by Awram Vie

Shoes by DUH , DIM hunt, blogged yesterday.

Steam 4 hunt item for guys

Steam 4 hunt item for girls.

Twisted hunt item.

Then I went to Hudsons and they have this lovely shirt on their MM board. The skirt is again by Awram Vie. The dress is the group gift by Hudsons. The necklace is an older freebie from Marketplace (still available).

SD wear has these boots as freebies in their store. The blue and white set is also free in the store. it comes with another top but that wouldn't rez for me so it is not shown. SD also has a few MM boards so don't forget to click those.

Last store for today was Shiki. Shiki has many group gifts and joining is free. I didn't get ALL the free gifts as I blogged Shiki before.

Scarf also available in the store.

Pants by Awram Vie.

That was it for today ladies.


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