Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dresses, gowns, shoes....choices, choices...

Today I found plenty clothes (from a lot of different shops) and a few shoes too (from my fav shop Babymonkey).
So the problem today for you is what to chose ladies....
I went to ADN. I know I blogged them before, but they have so many lucky chairs and MM boards and questionmark boards...it is worth to go there, you won't leave empty handed.
The jewelry and the shoes and boots come with the outfits. So do the tattoos :) (exception are the boots I am wearing with the red furry, those are by Babymonkey and not free)
I love the necklace in mouth thing :)

Seduction in blue (Questionmark board)

Seduction in black (Questionmark board)

Star (LC)

Red Furry

Intolerable summer (LC)

Then I went to Paty mainstore and got this free dress with hat. OK I know, it seems I am only wearing black today...but wait till you see the rest :)

The Fantasy shop has LOTS lucky chairs and lucky boards and a questionmark board and whis is what I got there: (boots come with the outfits)

Over to the Halloween shop from the Vinyl Cafe. They have a dollarbie each day (1 L$) and this one I got today.

Ohh I feel sooooo like a secretary or a receptionist in this cute black and green outfit by Kastle Rock. It is from their Lucky chair.

Kastle Rock also has a cute free necklace.

BabyMonkey is my fav shoe shop as you all know. They have a gift for group members in their store and one in their courtyard too. There is also a lucky chair and 2 MM boards.
I got the Mommy and me from the MM board, the clogs from the LC and the cute wedges are in the courtyard (group tag needed). The pumps are gifts in the store (group tag needed)

This GREAT gown is a gift by Callie Cline. You need to be in her group (joining is free) and the gowns can be worn short or long. The jewelry comes with the gown. WOW AMAZING. Thank you so much Callie. (find the hughe box with bow in the store)

The last shop for today is House of Joi. They have many group gifts in store (joining is free). They are in the vendor on the 1st floor (or 2nd floor if you are US)
Lovely gowns in all colors ...

Happy shopping ladies :)

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