Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who needs an Ipad2 if you can go shopping in SL?

For those who have been standing in line to get an IPAD2 yesterday and didn't get one: here are some nice freebies and dollarbies to cheer you up :)

LouLou is participating in the DIM hunt and if you find the diamond from this hunt you will get this very lovely necklace :)

Another necklace with bracelets and earrings is the one I got from the BabyMonkey group. I am wearing it with a top by Outrage! For the necklace: join group and check notices. The Outrage shop will be blogged below.

OK  Outrage! has many group gifts in store.
They also participate in the DIM hunt and I got this cute outfit from that hunt.

The group gifts are shown below.
A cute little black dress...who doesn't need one?

The top is color change.

Then I went to Phoenix and waited at their lucky chairs. There are 4 under the tree and I got this skin from one of the chairs. There is also a MM board, don't forget to click it.

The group gift by Finesmith is a lovely black evening gown with very elegant details. I love it.

From the Twisted Hunt at Kastle Rock I got a way different gown...a bloody bride with an axe....there is also a male gift inside...I didn't even look at it but it will be just as scary I think.

Another group gift is this sexy and funny red sweater dress by Temptation. The necklace I am wearing with this dress is the one by LouLou (blogged above)

The next group gift is the one by Mary Jane Shoes. Very elegant sandals...I love the straps and the shoes come with a hud to change your skintone and your nailpolish (not the straps). Join the group and check notices.
Talking about free shoes: 50 flats has some boxes on the floor in their store (also a green egg) with free flats inside. There are also 3 lucky boards next to the free boxes.

I went back to *M*G*S* and YAY I got this cute sweater from their lucky board...but I didn't get the special bag I wanted so much...maybe next time?

And I got some really nice free hair from the lucky boards at DIVA!
Love their style...too bad they do not make red hair.

That was it for today ladies. I wish you a great weekend and happy shopping !

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