Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some more Carnaval :) (send in the clowns)

Just wanted to show you some more costumes. It struck me that I didn't show a CLOWNS costume, as it is worn big time here at Carnaval. Then I tried to FIND one for free or for just 1 L$...and I didn't succeed this is what I found : (landmarks are at the bottom of the page)

And I found these items HERE:

Clowns hat 1L$
Head of a clown.
Bee costume (comes with glasses and wings)
Lovely maid costume with fairy cloack.
Clownesque dress 1L$
Flapper dress 1L$
Pansy fairy.
Pirate wench 1L$
Smiley costume (mask changes facial expression every few seconds, hair is included)

Happy Carnaval ladies ;)

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