Monday, March 14, 2011

YAY Hair...2 pairs of shoes and clothes :)

OK my titles are not very original, I agree. But try to think up a new's kinda hard you now? I would appreciate any help, so if you have a catching title let me know.

I went to Marketplace today. I didn't have the time to jump all over SL and Marketplace has many very nice offers. Lets start with the hair.
How do you like this one?
The hair on the left is called Spring hair and the one on the right is called Beliza and both are by A&A. Both are 1 L$.
The next hair is by Edelstore and it is called Mecca and it's free.

The next hair is by BDR (beautiful dirty rich). It is called Electra.

The other hairstyle I got from BDR is called Nellie Majestic and has a way different style.

and BDR also has some lovely clothes in their store. I got this cute top and pants outfit there, called Houssine. They also have a very sexy lilac set, shorts and a sexy top. And they have this also sexy red dress. Wonder how that stays up? VELCRO! It is called Coracoes.

Talking about sexy stuff, how do you like this lingeree set? Isn't that extremely sexy? Looks like the lace is tatoed on your skin. It is called Brief undies and it is by Risk City.

The Je t'aime bikini by Maren is also sexy but suitable for the beach.
It was a gift for international womans day.

Over to more decent items. How about this elegant dress by Coeur de Lis? Isn't that perfect for a nigth dancing or clubbing? You can wear it in many different ways.

Or this lovely black dress by Jaqueline, It is her february gift.

You can wear these extravagant beads with the black dress to spice it up a little.

Then I found this very cute summer outfit. It will cost you 1 L$ and it is by Icing. The dress is called POPPIES.

But if you want to go out in style, get one of these gowns. The blue one is by Akers and you can wear it either long or short. 
The green one is a St. Patricksday gift by Creative Chaos. WOW look at the detailing.It is amazing, love the small buttons and the double neckline. 
The last gown is by Zajs and it is called Night Angel mystic pink.

OK last things are the 2 pairs of shoes. The green ones are also a St. Patricksday gift and they are by Revelations.

The lovely boots are by Koko. They will go well with jeans or any leather pants you have :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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