Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday and it is raining

I keep hoping spring will finally get here, but today it is raining and operfect for a long shopping spree in SL. Costs you almost nothing and YAY you will feel like a millionaires :)
So here goes:
Ambrosia has this lovely Snow white like dress as a group gift in store. I feel like wearing pigtails with it and white socks :)

Miss Sascha Frangilli has a lucky chair in her store and I got this lovely Giraffe outfit from her chair. Thanks Sas :) Love it. Chair is in the corner of the new release section.

If you are more a Tom boy you might like this cute outfit, a group gift called Brooklyn (join group and check notices).

Or maybe you are more into Medival clothes, like the ones I got at the lucky toilets at Freya (oh yeah you will hit the ceiling...and you have to shower after being there for a while...)

The Peephole gives away these lovely scarfs for free, perfect to wear with all your outfits, wether you are an elegant lady or a tomboy.

Solidea has this lovely hairpiece (a rose) for you in store.

And Bennelong has this cute freebie bracelet.

And I found some really GREAT gowns, very very unusual. WOW they are amazing, like lightning or a lava lamp. They are freebies by Mea Culpa and really, you have to see will light up the sky.

This very cute hair is 1 L$ each and you can find it at Adones.

BabyMonkey does not only spoil their group members with shoes, but also with lovely gifts. Thanks Pixie for these lovely Mardi Gras tops as a group gift:)

Last one for today is SE design. They have plenty freebies, lucky boards and hunt items in store. Look what I found there !

Don't you love shopping for free?
Happy wednesday ladies :)

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