Monday, March 28, 2011

Group gifts, freebies, dollarbies...

Let me start with the most lovely group gift I got yesterday. It is by BabyMonkey (yes the one from the shoes). Pixieplumb has made this lovely dress called Handkerchief :) Join group and check notices. Shoes are - ofcourse - also by Babymonkey.

Sabbia also has a lovely new group gift, a tartan skirt. I am wearing it with the green cotton jacket I got from the Sabbia lucky chair and with a top by Jane (blogged before). I also got 2 former group gift by Sabbia (the group gifts are still available on the wall).

I am waring the skirt by Sabbia with the Jane top and the special bag by *M*G*S*. The bag has a doggy inside and is texture change. WOW amazing !
It is a special edition from their 5 L$ Gatcha machine but you have to be very lucky to get it :)

The next skirt I got from the MM board at Drakke (the top pic). I am wearing it with a top by GRUNT. Grunt has a gift from the Twisted hunt (the middle pic) but also a freebie at the FabFree headquaters (the bottom pic).

Twisted hunt

This sexy blue dress is a dollarbie (1 L$)  at Blue Wave.

At Neko Kan you have to find a bear which holds a balloon. There is a gift attached to the balloon and when you find it you get this bunny outfit...perfect for Easter :) Comes with the ballet shoes.

The next outfit is from the Lucky Board at Sassy Kitty. Sexy grey dress :)

These cute booties will go perfect with the dress by Sassy Kitty. They are by DUH and they are a gift in the DIM hunt (find the diamond in the store and you will get them).
This dark grey outfit is by JE Republic and it is a group gift at their store.

And the last shop for today is KKBB. Kiss kiss bang bang. They have so many cheap things that I do not even know where to start. I will show you 2 pics with their 5 L$ dresses, which (cheapie as I am) I didn't get. I only got the freebies and the dollarbies in store. There are also 4 LB in the store and some free bags with stuff, but I blogged those a long time ago (search my blog).
Upstairs they have the most gorgious shoes, all 5-10 L$ and available in all colors.

ONLY the vests, the skirt is not by KKBB.

Isn't this dress perfect for summer?

Happy shopping ladies !

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