Friday, March 25, 2011

It is friday and my weekend is starting, so lots of time to SHOP

Somehow time is flying by and it is weekend again before I know it. But I do have a few nice things for you ladies. So grab the TPs in my blog (the red names are linked to a SLURL) and go get them :)

First of all I hurried over to Bliss as they have a new group gift in their flagship store. WOW This gown is amazing ..

I stumbled over an item from the NH FOE hunt at Petunia and I got this very lovely dress from that hunt. You are looking for half a mango (or at least a kind of fruit *giggles*)

The next shop, Flowerdream creations, is also participating in this hunt and I got this elegant cocktail dress there. I love the asymetric skirt which shows some leg. You also get a guys item, the shirt with vest.

MDL has a few lucky boards, a lucky chair and a few freebies. I have blogged them before, but these items are new. The hair and the pink hoodie are group gifts. Just look around at the laning point.
As Easter is coming up I LOOOVE the cute bunnies in mouth and on head.

The next stop for me was Kaotic and this sexy black dress was on their MM board.

Then I went to*M*G*S* again and played their 5 L$ Gatcha machine again. I simply am addicted to their bags and I wanted to smuch to get the SPECIAL edition. But allas...I wasn't that lucky...

My next stop was at A&K. It is a hughe store with many others inside, like Lovelace and A&A hair. They have a wall with freebies and they are ALL great. Take a look... I went for the lingerie first :)

Then I went for the pants and tops...

Over to the dresses...cute and sexy...


This last dress I styled with the free bag I got from C'Est moi (it is me). The bag comes in 3 colors.

They also had a elegant gown in store for free...

And, believe it or not, also a skin !
Last thing I got at A&K is the hair by A&A. I love their hair...and this one is excellent. You also get a male style (not shown).

I almost forgot...I went to a Japanese SIM and there I got this Japanese dolly skin. It is ver special and I didn't want to keep it from you. The sim is very nice to explore.

Happy shopping ladies :) and enjoy your weekend.

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