Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today the sun was shining and even though spring is not here yet I wanted to make a blog with a real spring feel to it. Let me know if I succeeded?

I went to Marketplace YAY my fav playground. And this is what I found for you:
Beatiful Dirty Rich has some really spring hair with a scarf or with flowers. And a very cute pink dress.
The hair with flower was found here.
The hair with scarf was found here.
The dress you can find here.

The clothes I am wearing are by 7Style, shorts in 3 styles (also a white one) and a very sexy top with lots of accesoires. The sunglasses, snickers and Ipod come with the top.

Does that make you feel like spring? OK 7Style has much more like this cute dress. As you can see the scarf wiht the BDR hair is color change.

Or these sexy overalls with 2 different tops :)

The top from these overalls goes perfect with this lovely necklace in gold with roses on it. It is by Chez Barbara. The shorts are a dollarbie and you can find them here.

and you can wear these very cute shoes by KKBB with the spring outfits.

Or these pop art sneakers by Edelstore. WOW I love those :)

Or you can chose for these very nice booties in red and purple.

7Style also has this cute jacket in store. Here worn with the white shorts and the Edelstore chucks.

and this cute shirt...hmm I think I have to go back to get some more stuff there. They really do have my style.

The next outfit is just a mix of the items above :)

Even in Spring you want to go shopping in style so I found this elegant bag by KKBB. It really made me smile, love the color :) It is 1 L$ though.

and this tote bag with painting on it was found HERE. It is by Alba fashion.

You need to have some nice jewelry to go with your outfits so I found you this lovely necklace and also a very elegant set of earrings and necklace by MCD. The metal is colorchange with hud and the stones are colorchange too so you can adjust it to yout liking.

The last outfit is by House of Gaga. I took the pics with a white background but I wasn't sure if you could see it well enough so I also took them with a blue background. The outfit is 1L$.

Enjoy shopping and spring ladies :)


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