Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't you love to shop when it is free?

I have some leftovers from yesterday ladies and you will have to wear your TP gear because it is shattered all over SL.
But first I went to Yasum and they have sooo many group gifts. Just walk around the store and look for the FREE GROUP sign.

The boots and the piercings come with the black kilt.
The shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable)

When you are done gathering the free stuff you like there you have to TP over to Pink Mares and stand at their lucky chair for a bit. That is if you like this lovely green outfit. I joined the group and got a group gift too. The group gift comes with the dolly.

Then I got this lovely free bag at Chantkare and inside it is the great outfit I am wearing holding the bag :)

Last one for today is the GREAT group gift by Heartsick. WOW do I love her skins...and these ones are free in all skin colors if you are in the group. (not showing you all)

Happy shopping ladies !

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