Friday, March 18, 2011

E! and the Costa Rica sim and lots of other stores to visit today.

E! (Eclectic) is participating in the Timeless treasure Hunt (you are looking for a scroll) and when you find it you get this more than lovely green gown. It is perfect for spring. But not only her TTH gown is great, she has lovely dresses in a great color scheme in her store. Worth to take a look girls :)
Shoes by BabyMonkey (not free, but affordable).

One of the other shops I went to (doing a lot of hunts) was Tres Beau. I got this lovely purple gown there from the DIM hunt (you are looking for a diamond). Don't forget their lucky chair :) YAY I was lucky and got this GREAT red gown too :)

Chichikie is also participates in a hunt, this one is the Pot of gold hunt and you are looking for a shamrock. But when you find it YAY HAIR !!!

Hasi gives you all these 2 lovely lace tattoos in their shop.

Then I jumped over to Solita and got these cute flats there. They are on the lower shelve of the table.

And this sexy skin is from the MM board at Soul street.

This hair was a group gift by Arata Shouten. Join group and check notices :)
Then I went over to the Costa Rica sim. There are plenty shops there and most of them have a gift in store.
The first shop I visited was Icing and YAY a dress...but when I unpacked it it looked very familiar LOL I blogged it before from another location.
But here it is again, it IS a great dress after all. The scarf and bag are blogged below.

The next shop was OC fan and I got this crazy HAIR there :)

With this hair I went to MuisM and got the brown and tan sweater. Nice and warm ladies :)

GSC has this sexy cocktail dress with gloves in their store. The necklace comes with the dress.

DCNY on the Costa Rica sim has this capri and top in store. The flats are by Babymonkey and the cute scarf is a subscribo gift by C'Est la Vie. The cute backpack was a gift in the FabFree group. Flats by BabyMonkey  (not free)

Actually I am in a gown mood today so I was very happy with this GREAT sexy elegant and simply beautiful gown by Hoe (NO that does not mean what you think it means, it is short for House of Europe). Boy do you have dirty minds !

Ofcourse you wear something really sexy under such a lovely gown but this sexy lingerie by Blacklace won't go under a white gown. Very sexy though :)

I also got some GREAT bags by Septem. An evening bag, but also a quilted tote bag, which either can be worn in hand or over your shoulder. The scarf is a gift by Septem too. The tote bag comes in 2 different sizes.

And these clutches are a gift by Indy&Co. Great to wear with a gown when you go out, or with a city outfit for shopping.

Leaves only the jewelry to wear with the gowns. LOAQ has a lovely necklace in a modern style, maybe better to wear with a Tee and jeans...

But RH Engel has a lovely set with green stones (I think emerald) and it goes very well with the lovely gown by HoE.

Well that was it for today girls. Don't break your teleporter or your heels while shopping.
Happy shopping !

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