Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A day to put in a photoframe :)

Today was sunny and warm and a perfect day to go to the beach. I got this cute bag from *M*G*S* from their Gatcha machine (5 L per try, you always get a bag but some are nicer than others) and the shorts are a gift in their store. Perfect to walk to the beach, taking all your stuff...

And when you get at the beach this swimsuit is sooo nice to wear. It is by Envy design. The LM is blogged below and also how I got it.

Or you could wear this sexy bikini and show a bit more skin :) It is by M Motion.

If you do not feel like going to the beach but you like walking or gardening more, this is the outfit for you. A freebie by G&N. Comes with the great hat and the flats.

OK enough of the beach and gardening things...while I was at Envy design  I got a few very nice things there. They have a very 50th group gift, a cute dress which made me want to put on some socks and swing...

They also have a BOMB thing. You pay 25 L$ and 5 people that are standing close to the bomb get a present. It is either nice or if you feel lucky get 5 friends in, pay 5 L$ each and YAY...I got the swimsuit from the bomb but also this outfit below.

Envy has a MM board too, where you get this outfit INCLUDING the shoes.

Then they have 2 lucky boards. One is for group members, the other one for all. They have this red dress in the LB and the purple dress...but I wanted the SHOES !!! And yes I got them. They are GREAT, they come with a color change hud and you can change the color of your skin, but also the straps, the heels or the soles. in ANY color you like ! WOW amazing ! Envy design ladies !

The hair I am wearing with the Envy outfits is by BISH and it is free.

I also got hair from Dr. Life. They have it as a group gift in store, together with skins and eyes. The eyes are colorchange. I look a bit like Cher in the 60th :)

This is a very nice group gift from the Vinyl Cafe ! Join group and check notices. Thank you so much :)

And Awesome design has this lovely outfit in store for free. Comes with the shoes.

Divalicious has a more naughty gift for us all in their MM board, but also 3 very cute dresses for free.

The Censored subscribo gifts are also a bit sexy...a top with pasties and elegant panther shoes.

Last shop for today is Fantasy. I couldn't resist going back there...just to see if R would come up on either of their chairs and the play the questionmark board. And this is what I got there.


Happy shopping ladies :)

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