Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't you hate your PC sometimes?

My PC broke down ladies and all my green pics were on that PC so I couldn't blog them. I am on an ancient machine now, but at least I could take some new pics for you to drool over.
Because most of it today is JEWELRY. Wasn't there a song: Diamonds are a girls best friend? Well you can get some SL diamonds to befriend at WML. All their necklace sets (they include earrings too) are just 1 L$ and there is a pack of 3 also for 1 L$.
Who needs a millionaire in SL?

I also got a few nice dresses :)
This one is by Amber Style and it is a gift in the FabFree group (check notices)

The next one is a gown and a top by CouCou. The gown will cost you 1 L$, the top is free..

The lovely jacket I am wearing with the CouCou top is by Mr. Poet and they also have a GREAT scarf for free in their store. The scarf is color change and I changed it into green to match the pants I blogged on the previous blog. The sweater is a freebie by V*V.
The lovely pink lingeree is a previous freebie by Blacklace.

Last but not least I got this very sexy lingeree by Likka House.

Hopefully my PC will be back tomorrow ladies and I will show you the rest of my green items tomorrow :)

Happy shopping ladies.

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