Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday...another week started...

Today is monday and I have been shoping sunday evening to get you some really nice items.
Morea Style is giving away a lovely gown for their group members as a THANK YOU for their generosity. It is a GREAT gown, thank you so much.

The shoes of Purfect 10 go GREAT with this gown. It is a gift from the TTH (Timeless treasures hunt) and you have to look for a scroll.

Diapop is participating in the MIS (March into Spring) event and you have to find a puple flower. When you find it you get this great outfit :) The necklace was a freebie from SHiny things a long time ago.

The next shop I went to was Somapop. I got these cute outfits there. The top one is a dollarbie. The bottom one  is from the TNBT hunt and you are looking for a lightbulb. If you are wondering what is in the bag I am holding: boxers and briefd for guys. They come with the tops and scarf (which are actually also for guys)

And Hucci has a very nice group gift (the yellowish dress) and a very nice subscribo gift (the red top) in store. You can find them HERE.
I styled the greenish dress with a necklace by Mezzo (is a lucky chair gift in their store). The bag is the Hucci bag in which the dress comes.

Then I went to Psychotropia and they have 2 very nice group gifts in store. LOVE the poncho thing, looks great don't you think?

Over to Nanashi. They have this outfit called Evina as a free gift in store.

Nanashi also has this outfit, called Daria, as a group gift. The nexcklace was found on Marketplace and is by

Pritty does its name right, it has very pretty styled clothes and a few very nice gifts in store.

Then I went to Phenix and got their group gift. Comes with the necklace :) 

And BC has a group gift which comes with a skin !

Zenith is also participating in the DIM hunt ( look for a diamond) and you get this outfit WITH a whip :)

And the last one is a pair of shoes by Trico.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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