Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another day...and more shopping to do !

I went to the Anemura shopping mall and I got these lovely freebies there. They also have a lucky board where I got the shoes. And a MM board too :)

Free items found HERE.


The shoes are color change with a hud so you can match them with every outfit you have. The lovely hair by A&A was found in this mall too.

At Amex Square I got lovely dotted dresses. They also have a Lucky board with a great skin, but I wasn't that lucky.

The next 2 lovely tulip dresses in dark and light I got at Amex Square too. Same LM as above. The free dresses are in boxes on the floor.

This lovely spring or summer dress was found in the shop next to the one above. It is called RINA. The jewelry is from a lucky board at YuraKucho and will be blogged below.

The next tiger print skirt was found at YuraKucho. It is on a lucky board and I mixed it with the top from a dress I found at Tailleurs Putain (will be blogged below) and the bees I found at Bee Hive.

At YuraKucho are many lucky boards, just walk around. I found one with lovely jewelry and YES...I got 3 items :) Board changes every 10 minutes.

At YuraKucho I also found this Valentine dress.

Tailleurs Putain have kinda role playing clothes but also a lucky chair. The chair takes 20 minutes to change so it is a LONG wait. But I got this outfit there, I simply was very lucky :) The top of this dress I am wearing with the tiger print skirt. The outfit comes with the flats.

And at TLB I got this lovely necklace from their MM board.
Goes very well with the role playing dress ;)
This cute dressy is from the MM board at SLC. Items in the MM board change a lot so might be something else by now :)

Diavolicous has a few freebies in their store. Look for the FREEBIE wall in the store.
The lovely bright Meadow, Sun and rain made me smile. The other dresses will make you feel so sexy :)
Belt is a former freebie, doesn't come with the dresses. Boots by Bax Coen (not free)

And finally a few GREAT skins I found. First ones are by AMD, Apple May has an apple as a lucky chair and I got these Katey skins there.

Dilly Dolls also has a wall with lucky boards, 5 of them have skins. I got these ones.

And MotherGoose has a HUGHE wall with lucky boards and the letters change every 3 minutes so EVERYONE is lucky there.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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