Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick day and only ONE green outfit today :)

OK Just because it is St. Patrick day I will start with teh ONLY green outfit I got today. It is by Sassy and it looks like this:

Sassy also participates in de Diamond is mine hunt and you are looking for a diamond. Inside is this very cute business dres :) WOW I love it. I styled it with a briefcase by Ceriano and shoes from Babymonkey (was a group gift in store)

Sassy KITTY is another store and they have this cute outfit for you all on their MM boards. It is a red top and garter style pants which come ripped and not ripped. They have lucky boards in store, so look around !

And WOOZ has a GREAT gift. I love the colors :) nice :) You have to find the yellow pencil. Because the outfit is a hunt item from the C&R hunt.

Be Happy also participates in a few hunts but I couldn't find many items there, sorry... There are 2 freebies in store. And there is one item from the I need a $ hunt. The item will cost you 1 L$ though. The bottom one is the hunt item.

The next item is from the lucky chairs at Delicious. And it is a delicious bikini :) There are 3 lucky chairs. Good luck ladies :)

Then I went to May Soul. They have plenty lucky boards but I got this very cute red dress with belt there. It is an item from the subscribo.

Honey Kitty has a lovely top as a group gift but they also have a few free items in store. Like the cute bags (one is shaped like a cat) and the very nice dress.

OK One gothic item, it is by Gothica the darker side. It is a black and white outfit which you can wear with different skirts. The hair I am wearing will be blogged below.

Hasi has this cute outfit in store as a subscribo gift :) I styled it with jewelry by Arata Shouten (blogged before) and black flats by BabyMonkey.

The last casual outfit is by Divalicious from the C&R hunt. Find the yellow crayon and get this fun outfit :)

Over to the gown section.
Grim Bros has a MM board with this very elegant gown on it. The gown is called Jeanne R.

The next gown is by Paris Metro and it is from the Timeless travel hunt.
Last one on the blog for today is the hair by Milana. It is an opening gift and WOW it has a color hud so you can change it in any color you like. What an it. The great necklace is by Alienbear abnd allas...NOT FREE.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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