Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday and one hour less this weekend (because we're on summersavings)

This weekend we have an hour less to sleep or be in SL because we're on summersavings. Anyway...grab your shopping shoes, your shopping bag and go go hour less and so much shopping to do !

I went to Zaara and they have some really nice India presents in their shop. A white dress, a lovely capri set with shirt, bangles and bindi in all colors. So lovely even if you do not live in Inida. The gifts are in the gift boxes in the shop. Shoes are by BabyMonkey.

The next shop I went to was TGIS. They have plenty freebies on the counter at the entrance of the store.

This sexy short skirt is a gift by Drakke. They have a lucky chair (from which I got this skirt) and 3 MM boards. I am wearing the skirt with a shirt by TGIS.

Then I went to MDK and got 2 items from their lucky boards. I love the black and white dotted dress. You can wear it sexy or more decent :)

Nada has a few very nice freebies in their store. I tried them on and oh yes...they look good :) The booties come with the blue dress and the belt comes with the black and white pants outfit.

Wilay Stylez also has a few very cute and elegant free outfits in store. They will cost you 1 L$ each though, which is actually a very good deal as they come with shoes.

The last shop I went to was The Death. Sounds creepy, but I got these outfits there and they aren't creepy at all ! They are group gifts or gifts from the MM boards at The Death. Love the jeans that show my bum :)

Happy shopping ladies !

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