Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh boy do I love hair...

Hmm I had to start with something and the best thing I heard today was that Lollipopz is back in SL. Welcome back Zeev, we missed you :) And guess what? Her group is open agian and till sunday joining is free. AND you get a lovely group gift :) Would have been even better if it was in red (just teasing you Zeev, THANKS for the hair)
I also got hair at Heart Softens, They have a few lucky chairs and YAY I got some :)

Yesss has a lovely opening gift, this very cute hair. The skin is by IREN and also a gift, this time from the Depraved hunt.

Then again Iren also has a group gift which is hair :) It is called Earth.

 Or you can go and wait at the lucky toilets at Deviant Style :) I was very lucky and got THREE different ones :)

These cute earrings shown with the hair with hat are also a freebie at DS.

Deviant Style also has a lot of freebs near the lucky chairs so take your time to find them :)
And they have a hunt item HERE. Look for the rabbit.

And I went to Aftershock. Oh they have 3 hunts going on in the store. One is the OTB hunt, next one the Tainted Heart hunt (look for the real looking heart) and the last one is the Twisted hunt (look for the rotating cube).
Yesterday I blogged the lucky chair at Babymonkey and guess what? I got the shoes YAY.
Luna Sabbia has new lucky boards and the letters change every 5-10 minutes. I got these 2 lovely outfits there.

Blue Blood also has a few lucky chairs and this outfit is the one I got there :) Also take the freebies on the pillars, I blogged them before. You can see it here.

Magic Burst has this lovely dress as a dollarbie (1 L$) It comes in different colors, all are 1 L$ each. I choose the blue one :)

The Juicy sim is always good for some very nice freebies. I love these Tees...can you read what is written on them? *giggles*. Juicy also has this very lovely evening gown as a freeb WOW. Thanks :)
The black jeans I am wearing with the next top are by Davinel (MM board) and the top is by MeteoRain. MeteoRain also has LOVELY jewelry for 1 L$.

Bleh still has lovely freebies, I got ALL thse shirts there for free.And the bikini too :)

This cute dress is named Livia and it is a free gift by

I couldn;t help myself, I had to go back to Bubblez...and YAY I got 2 more great gifts from their lucky boards :)

That was it for today ladies.


Crissy design.

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