Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hunts and shoes and...ok no title today...can't think of one

There are quite a lot of hunts going on in SL and lots of great shops participate in them. I found a few hunt items and want to share them with you.

This lovely dress is by Dressed by Lexi and it is from the TTH hunt. Look for the scroll and touch it. The hint is: right click and join group.

Next I went to Magia for the FTWTP hunt and I got a male and female gift. You are looking for a pink heart.
At Insatiable Design they also have a gift in the FTWTP hunt. It's a tattoo (I am not fond of tattoos, but's a nice one).
  They also have a gift in store: 2 types of jeans and LOADS of tops, short and long....and all colors. The necklace and bracelet are an older gift.

And Nestle my bosom also participates in the FTWTP hunt. They give you this tattoo. They also have a very cute bag as a gift in store, called Fishy.

The next stop was at Bedlam and they have MANY hunts going on.
Look in the store at the hunt boards what you are looking for and also find the hints there.

OK no more hunting. Enough for today. I found this lovely skirt and top at C'est la vie. The blouse is from their lucky board, the skirt is a group gift. The necklace and bracelet are older gifts from Govil.

and G&N gives you all this lovely capri with the sweater, uggs and beany. I hope we do not have to wear it for long...I hope spring will be warm and sunny :)

The group gifts by Morea are always a treat. WOW this time it is a lovely black dress (and I also found this pink one, I think I blogged it before but couldn't find it...sorry).

Unique clothing has many lucky chairs, MM boards and group gifts in store. I couldn't resist standing there for a while. YAY I was lucky :)
The cute bag  and sushi in mouth are by Visual Sassy. (hunt item from the FTWTP hunt, pink heart)
I saved the best for last ladies. SHOES. Angelic design has 6 lucky boards and WOW they have lovely shoes. I was amazed.
And I hope you are too :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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