Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hmm on this lovely sunday I have a few leftovers from hunts I did, but also from my stroll along Marketplace.
So lets start today with Tres Beau. They have a lovely dollarbie in store but also a GREAT new item on their Lucky chair. The lovely green gown is the LC item...and do I LOVE green :) All the shoes I am wearing are as always by BabyMonkey :)

This lovely Miss Jewel gown in purple was found on MarketPlace while I was looking for PINK items....  but this wasn't really pink. I found it on Marketplace.

The next dress is also found on Marketplace and also by Miss Jewel. And also not really pink *giggles*. Ah well...

Then I found these lovely jeans and in dark, medium and light and free. They are by Ceranio.

The next items are from hunts. If you like shoes, like I do, go to Nardcotics to get these very elegant red shoes. They gave me a very Wizzard of Oz feeling and I wanted to click my heels 3 times to see if I would end up in Kansas :)

Al Vulo is participating in the DIM hunt. You are looking for a diamond. And when you find it you get this sexy skin :)

If you feel like hunting jump over to PINK FUEL (also the DIM hunt and also looking for a diamond) for these GREAT skins.

More hunting can be done at Sassy Kitty. Look for the diamond and get this cute grey dress.

Or get this pants and top outfit at Utopia. I think it is for guys but hey..I am not complaining, it looks great on me too :)

If you like it more spicy go over to BadAzz...they have this cute hunt item in store.

Oh boy do I love hair and YAY 2 hair shops are participating in the hunt too. This hair I got from DIVA and I love it :)

The other hair store is EMOtions. They have this sexy hair with scarf in 3 colors as a hunt item.

Last shop I visited to hunt was Concrete flowers and they give away this very elegant necklace with a little bird on it. Makes me feel really happy and it has a SPRING feel to it. Thanks all the shop owners. Your gifts are great.

Happy shopping ladies :)

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