Saturday, March 5, 2011

Carnaval in Europe from march 5th till march 9th.

Carnaval has started in Europe, in the Netherlands too, and all people dress up and have fun for 5 days. You dress up any way you like and just because it is Carnaval here I want to show you some costumes :)
First ones ofcourse are the Brazilian dancer girls with lots of feathers.

The blue one is by HUDSON and I found it HERE. The yellow one is found HERE. Comes with the hair. The shoes are by BabyMonkey (not free).
But you do not need to dress up like that. You can also wear a Victorian dress if you feel like it (not very good to party though)

These blue dresses both were found HERE.
Or you can dress up like a maid in the middle ages. I believe it is called wench in english?

These two dresses were found HERE.
If you like to do wear something more extreme why don't you go for the Radio Active outfit? I found it HERE.

Also very extreme is this mermaid outfit. It comes with the skin and in a light and darker version.
I found it HERE.

The next outfit is very common for USA ladies but in Europe we don't have many of these Cheerleaders. So on Carnaval it is a very popular outfit to wear :) Comes with the pompoms.
You can find this very cute pink and blue outfit HERE.

A very beautiful outfit is made by Inga Wind. WOW I love that outfit, the beautiful wings and the great hair...a winner on any Carnaval party. You can find it HERE.

Then you can go as a ballet a lovely pink tutu, short or longer, all in one package. I found it HERE.

The last one is a sexy yet cute outfit which comes with a very bright light. So if you cannot see it right: take off the skirt because the light is build into the skirt.
It is a fun outfit though and it made me smile ...I WANT TO WEAR IT !!!
And you can find it HERE.

Happy Carnaval ladies :)
And don't forget to shop :)

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