Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mix of shoes, hair and clothes and a broken PC

Ohhh I love hair...and I never have enough. The next hair is by A&A and I found it on Marketstreet.  The name of the hair is Julia and it costs 1 L$

I found some more very cute hairstyles by BDR. The first one is called LOIS and you can find it here.

The next one is called CHER and I found it HERE. You might recognise this hair from my alt.

BDR also has this very lovely UMA hair. WOW I really like that one. You can find it HERE.

Govil gives away hair in 2 colors.

Over to the clothes. MB Honey gives us this great top and pants. The top is open at the front. Oh I love black clothes with my red hair :)

Then RunoRuno had this lovely top as a freebie. It doesn't have the black under shirt (that black top is an old freebie from Curious Kitties) so beware when you wear it, it shows your teetee's (that is also the name of the shirt). The pants are by Akers (blogged below)

RunoRuno also has this lovely dark brown dress in store for us all :)

AND RunoRuno has this lovely white linen dress which you can wear as a long dress or short or with pants.

BlackOpal has this lovely gown on Marketplace and it looks so Medival. It is elegant yet sexy.

I promised above to blog AKERS. They have a package with several jeans inside (different cuts) and several black tops. You can mix and match as much as you like :) The shoes come with the set.

Nada also has a cute pants set with a sexy leather top. LOVE the bears on it.

Chicy-y-miccy has an elegant pants set in their Marketplace too, AND a cute dress. The pants set is very retro.

Over to tops ans skirts. Curious Kitties has a lovely sexy lace skirt for free on Marketplace and also elegant sexy fishnets to go with it. The tops are Satin tops. It is a fatpack with 5 colors for 1 L$ and the tops come with a high neckline and an open collar so you can wear then as you like.

Leather and Lace has also 2 lovely tops to go with the jeans and so does Sunshine (summer top) and PTB has a great strapless linen top with gold.

BabyMonkey has a lovely group gift. A Celtic Tattoo on your back.
Join group and check notices, but it is also worth to visit their shop or outlet.
Shoes are great and affordable.

This time I am not wearing Babymonkey shoes. The shoes I am wearing are by Patula (the sexy sandals and the dark boots with chains) and by Alba Rossini(the booties in grey croc print) ALL these shoes and booties cost you 1 L$.

That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !

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