Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday with sun...what a lovely day to go SL shopping.

Hello ladies on this beautiful sunday.
Seldom Blue has a lovely dollarbie in store for you. It is black, but there is also a white version with a skirt (the black is without skirt). The white dress is marked down 50% for the time being. And how sexy is this !

Then one of my favorite stores HEARTSICK has 2 new items in their lucky boards YAY !! I got both and they are GREAT, the letters change every 5 minutes. The top one is the GEM skin, the bottom one is the JEWEL skin.

Today is the LAST DAY you can get the beautiful dress in the pic below. It is a hunt item at Paris Metro and you can find it on the top floor. Look for the lovely butterfly and touch it :)
Paris Metro also has a lovely freebie in store, a great blue shimering gown, so elegant you will feel like a princess in it :)

The next gown is a freebie at Pixeldolls. All their gowns are just 50 L$ but this one is free and very elegant. Perfect for roleplaying too.

Talking about gowns: Dressed by Lexi has these 2 lovely gowns for their group members (joining is free). The black and green one is the February gown, the black and white one the March gown. The previous dresses are on the outdide wall of the store. The february gown comes with the beauty mark.

When you are going out in style ofcourse you want a perfect make up to wear with the gown. Elegant Epiffany has the most beautiful make-up. I am addicted to it and they have a MM board in store where you can get some for the one shown below.

Over to the more casual dresses. [NN] has a lovely new free gift in store and YAY I was lucky at their Lucky boards and got this lovely short blue dress.

American Bazaar is taking part in a hunt and it is called The French touch hunt. You are looking for a blue Eiffeltower.

So many styles is also taking part in a hunt, but this one is the smiley hunt and you get this lovely top if you find the apple (can't help it, it is called smiley but you have to find an apple)

Temptation is taking part in the I love SL Fashion hunt and you get this lovely dress once you find the item ( a purple manequin). I know: blogged it before, but it is a cute dress :) Blame it on Carnaval :)

Grumble is spoiling their customers and group members. They have plenty Lucky boards in store and lately there are gift cards on the MM boards. Up to 1500 L$ (it needs 999 clicks though and it didn;t close) The MM boards with gift cards of 200 and 500 closed and I got the cards :)
They also have MM boards with clothes and from one of those boards I got these lovely tops :)

DCNY has a lovely opening gift in store and a freebie too. Love the white shirt with vest and tie. And love the redish outfit too. Thanks DCNY :)

At SDZ I got this outfit from their MM board. Actually it is for guys...but hey...fits me too :)

Last one for today is Natrural at the Yurakucho sim. They have 2 lucky boards and I got the lovely shoes and the hat. There are many more lucky boards on the sim, I have blogged a few before. Just walk aroind and take a look :)

Happy shopping ladies :)

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