Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mimi's Choice and Ydea

Today just 2 shops ladies, so no hopping around, no tired TP fingers, just relaxed getting those great freebies.
I went to Mimi's Choice, as I hadn't been there for a while. Many designers put their best items there for sale and most of them include a very nice gift. Like MEB who gives away a lovely jacket. I stled the jacket with a free top by Jane and with pants by HOC Industries, jewelry by Just You jewels and a cute bag I picked up at LpD (Les Petit Details) for just 1 L$. The hair is by EMO-tions and called Carmen.
The next cardigan is by SF Design at Mimi's Choice and I styles it with the same items as above, just another cute bag with a doggy. The bag is called Husky bag for Style Academy.
Over to Prims, they have this lovely outfit as a gift at Mimi's Choice ! And the boots are a gift by FJ design.
And Jador Fashion has this great outfit at Mimi's choice as a gift. The worker shoes are an older gift by Urban Warehouse.
Gizza also has a great gift at Mimi's Choice. However when I tried to get it (wearing the Gizza group tag, which is needed to get it) I only got a message that I needed to join the group. I send out a note to the Gizza owner, but up till now they haven't changed it. So I cannot show you how it looks when I am wearing it.
The next dress is a gift by ALaFolie at Mimi's Choice. It is a lovely summer dress.
These lovely earrings are by Kitty's Lair and they are also a gift at Mimi's Choice.

And this lovely jewelry set is the gift Tres Beau put up as a gift for the visitors at Mimi's Choice.
Waka & Yuli has these 2 great hairdo's for just 1 L$ each at Mimi's Choice.
The hair and the jewelry will go great with the lovely red gown Noon has put up as a gift at Mimi's choice.
Noon not only has this lovely gown as a present but they also have this sexy lingerie set for all visitors !
And last but not in the least least you get a great bikini and a lingerie set from Sensuelle at Mimi's Choice.

Then I went to Ydea. They have a HUGHE wall with all previous group gifts. Joining the group is free and it is really worth it. Though the group sends out many many affiliate messages, but you can click those away. Just join the group and pick out the group gifts you like. I am showing you just a few examples, from a lovely gown to a sexy set.


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