Monday, January 16, 2012

Mondays...I do hate mondays...

But I do like to even on this monday you will get a blog by me :)
I started with this blog because I found so many freebies, dollarbies, midnight mania gifts, lucky board gifts, hunt gifts and I wanted to share them with others in SL. I keep reminding me of why I started here...and that is what still keeps me going :)  And ofcourse the nice reactions here :)

So let me start today with the lovely hair I found at ChiChi of London. It is a free package from Dr. Life hair and it is simply very nice hair!

ChiChi of London also has a gift box from their own store and inside you will find these lovely clothes and hats.
Another hat is the great Stetson Orchid Lotus & Moondance has put inside the glass of champagne which is the hunt item in the New Beginnings Hunt. Find it and you can wear this great hat.
Orchid Lotus & Moondance is also participating in the CCH hunt and you have to find a cup of hot coco with a candy cane in it to get these cute boxers.
Then I hopped over to Urban Republic. Actually for the NBG (New Beginnings Hunt) but I could not find the glass of champagne there. I found a lot of other hunt items though, like this great tattoo which is the hunt price in the I love Cupcakes hunt (find the cupcake).
Or this one, which is the price in the JSCH hunt (find a skull with a red santa hat) at Urban Republic. The cute sneakers are by Viviane Fashion.
This next outfit is also a price at Urban Republic and this time you have to find the penguin from the PPH hunt to get the owl tattoo and the A from the STAH hunt for the pants. Both at Urban Republic. The top is an older freebie.
This cute top and pants set is the price you get if you find the rose from the STWH hunt at Urban Republic.
And the last one I found was the rainbow colored heart from teh Rainbow hunt at Urban Republic.
I was in a bad mood because I didn't find the glass of champagne so I tried again at Delight Dezigns. And YES ! I found the glass of Champagne from the New Beginnings Hunt ! Look what was inside! The shoes are included.
Delight Dezigns also has a lucky board and my R came up, so I got these elegant sliks :). There is also a free gift at the store and inside are these black and orange boots.

My next stop in the NBH was VPinc and they have a great outfit hidden inside the champagne ! The cap and hair are included and all you have to do is find a glass of champagne at the store. The sneakers are by HOC Industries.
If you find the champagne at Avatare Bizarre you get this red latex tuxedo. I could not figure out wether it is for guys or gals, so I put it on....I still have no clue? Ah is a nice tux.

While you are still thinking about the latex tux I will show you something kinky. This is what you get if you find the New Beginnings hunt item at Shadow Dreams, so if you are into cuffs and collars hop over and find the glass of champagne.
The next sexy boots are the NBH gift at Kennedy's. I love the bling on the boots and you get BOTH pairs, the pink and the white. But you have to find the glass of champagne first :)
Last ones for today are 2 great necklaces I found in the NBH. This first one is hidden inside the glass of champagne at Love Factory. The text on the beads is Viva la Vida.
The last one is the gift Aidoru has put inside their glass of champagne.

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES !!! (and don't drink too much champagne)

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