Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready for new releases and new beginnings?

This great outfit is the newest group gift at BDR. It is called Sweety and when you lok at it you understand why it has this name! The magenta one is the group gift, but there are many more colors and the price won't break the bank. At Beautiful Dirty Rich ladies !
I also got a new release by Urban Republic. Fuck Valentine,,,and I bet a lot of us have said that at some point. Especially when we didn't get any Valentine cards. It is a new release so not free. Shoes by Viviane Fashion.
Then I went hunting in the New Beginnings hunt. I went to Camilla's and this is the male gift they hid inside the glass of champagne (which is the hunt item in this hunt). Below is also the female gift, a lovely elegant dress.

The next dress and pants set are also male and female gifts in the New Beginnings Hunt. This time you have to find the glass of champagne at Schn├ĄppschenGrotte.

Over to the pant outfits. This one is by Tequila Rain and it is a gift in the NBH. Look for the glass of champagne ladies. You get 2 different tops and 2 different pairs of pants.
Another shop that is participating in the New Beginnings hunt is Cupcake Clothing. They have this outfit hidden inside their glass of champagne. You get the warm sweater, the pants and the tank top but also the Uggs.
Over to Boho Hobo. There will be a hunt at their store soon, the “Where in Second Life is the Concert?” Hunt. The hunt will run from January 20th.  There will be a limit amount of shops participating and if you collect enough of the hunt items you will get access to a special concert. The hunt item at Boho Hobo is this lovely red velvet coat!

Trill also has designed new furniture and an example is the lamp on the pic. The lamp is a new release so NOT free. The great jeans are from a new released outfit by Saschas Design, called Tali. You get the jeans with 2 elegant sequin jackets.
And BabyMonkey has a bunch of new releases this month. As their shoes are very affordable and sooo elegant I want to show you these new releases. The names of the shoes are on the pics and all shoes or boots come with a color hud and you can adjust every part of the shoes to the way you like it. Besides that Babymonkey has a few lucky chairs at the store and 9 lucky boards :)

The next pair of boots is from the Midnight Mania board at Mboots. Get your friends to click, the boots are GREAT !
I found some really cute jewelry in the New Beginnings hunt ! Like this elegant gold chain by Aidoru. Find a glass of champagne to get it.
Or this Happy New Year necklace which is hidden inside the glass of champagne at Tree House Treasures.

I love this necklace set, it is also a gift in the NBH and you have to find the glass of champagne at Bees Heaven. You get the earrings too.
This lovely necklace is the gift from Pipers place in the NBH. Find the glass of champagne and it is yours :)
Last one for today is the great necklace by GM & LB design. Perfect to wear with any of your gowns but it is also great to wear on a sweater or with a blouse and jeans. All you have to do is find the glass of champagne !