Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to snatch some really nice goodies.

Today I went to Sn@tch. It has been a long time since I went there and they have a lot of new lucky boards at the store. And Sn@tch still has that basement with older stuff for 0 L$, 10 L$, 25 L$ and 50 L$. So don't forget to have a look there too ladies after you tried your luck at the lucky boards. This is what I got at the BASEMENT. The shoes are by HOC Industries and they are called Country Wedges.

And this is from the LUCKY BOARDS.

Then I heard that Cillian'gel is participating in the Hunt the Dragon hunt. You can find more details about the hunt HERE. And this is what you get if you find the hunt item at Cillian'gel at Wintervillage.

This lovely hair is a new release by Tameless hair. Oh I love the shorter version called Chrissie. It has very delicate streaks and you can change the haircolor and the color of the streaks with an easy hud, so I have been playing around with it for a while.
This hair is also a new release by Tameless hair. It is called Sugar and you can wear it short or with the extensions. It also comes with a color change hud. A nes release at Tameless hair is always offered for a special price the first week. This is what they write about it: 4 color packs are normally priced at $199L: sale price during first week of release is $99L
Megapack including all colors are priced at $799L: sale price during first week of release is $399L.

I did some more hunting and I started at Les Sucreties de Fairy. I actuall was there for The Cafe Hunt, but in stead I found the hunt item from the  WGH hunt, which is a gold bar. And I found this elegant gown inside!
The Cafe Hunt is a really great hunt ladies, you have to find a cup of coffee (what else?) and there are many great gifts inside the cup of coffee at the different stores. Like this great winter outfit which is hidden inside the coffee cup at Amato. You get the skirt, the pants and a lovely clean sweater, but also one with coffee stains on it :)
The coffee mug with animation is included.

This next sweater is by D.R.O.P. and it is also a gift in The Cafe Hunt. Find the cup of coffee at their store and it is yours. The mug I am holding here is by [D]oki and the animation is included.
Then I went to Needful Things and they also have put a lovely sweater inside their cup of coffee from The Cafe Hunt. Look below and then find the cup of coffee to get this sweater ladies.
My next stop was ASO. I found the coffee there and inside was this cute outfit, sweater and skirt. The hair with hat is also a gift in the Cafe Hunt, this time at Ancayi and the cute little monkey bag is the gift Epic hid inside their cop of coffee from the Cafe Hunt.
Another great gift is this lovely corset top by American Bazaar. They are also participating in the Cafe Hunt and this is their gift inside the cup of coffee.
Last one for today are the great dresses I got at Agressione. 2 days ago I blogged their opening group gift, a lovely white knitted dress with a spectacular belt. These are some of the dresses from their new store, not free, but great dresses to wear ! This dress is called Liz and it is so detailed. I love the bow on the back and the lace sleeves.

Especially this SWAN dress is very sexy ! At Aggressione ladies.