Monday, January 2, 2012

Shoes ! Skins ! Jewelry ! Hair !

~Yes all my favorite items are present on this blog on the second day of 2012. Let me start with the great new group gift by Gesamtkunstwerk. WOW they always have the most amazing hair and this one is again breathtaking.
Chichickie has this elegant Rita hair and guess what? It has a new way to change the color. You just touch it and you get loads of color options and options to change the size ! Talking about EASY !!! One hair in all colors, my inventory will be sooooo small (if only). Group members get one random color for free of every release, and the FATPACK for not group members is just 95 L$ for the next 2 days.
The group gift by Purple Moon is an amazing necklace and earrings set this month. A little purple owl on a long chain...perfect to wear with winter sweaters :)
And Lazuri has this elegant set on their Midnight Mania board, so hop over, invite your friends and click away. The group gift by Lazuri was blogged yesterday, also a great gift :)
Bliensen & Maitai are taking part in the POE hunt (find a globe at the store). And they hid this GREAT necklace in their globe. Isn't that a great gift?
These elegant shoes are new MESH shoes by Hucci. They are called D'Ann pumps and they are NOT FREE...but they are great shoes :) (I am not very fond of MESH...but these actually look good).
But the shoes at Polished Shoes below ARE free ! WOW they have a sexy short boot as a group gift (check notices). Very cute purple booties. And these cute Hello Kitty boots are in the notices too !

And Polished Shoes has a GREAT group gift at the store too.
Polished Shoes also has a Midnight Mania board with these cute boots.
And they have a Lucky board with GREAT bare feet, tippy toes. And cute biker boots as a gift.

The next booties are a new release (so NOT FREE) at Woot. Very cute boots, I especially love the OMG ones :)

Back to the title of the blog: SKINS !
These lovely skins are a group gift by Heartsick. Amesha is a lovely generous lady and she is giving away TWO great skins. Each skin has 3 cleavage options (I am showing you all) Besides that there are two shapes inculuded!

OK just as a little bonus I will add pics of the OLDIES I found for free at Ducknipple. They have put all their old stuff out for just a few Lindens and some are free! I just mixed and matched and look at the outfits I created...FRee!