Friday, January 13, 2012

My 5th REZday.

Believe it or not I started 5 years ago on sunday 13th of January 2007 as a newbie in SL. So today is my 5th rezday and I went to a few shops which have REZ day presents at their store.
The first shop was Concrete Flowers and you get a hughe funpack with shoulder pets, head pets, cake and coockies. Thank you so much Concrete Flowers :)

I could not find more shops that had REZ day presents, though Moonstars should have some I could not find them. But I did find a few nice freebies at their store :) The elegant jewelry is included.

Jara from Aidoru jewelry has made these lovely armbands which match the elegant necklace she released earlier. She gave me them as a REZ day gift but for you all they are 180 L$ for the time being, next week they will be back to their original price. The metal and the stones are color change with a hud. GREAT ! She also designed a matching engagement ring. The set is called VENUS.

House of Beningburough has 2 new group gifts at their store. The first is a little black dress (mesh) and we all know we have to have one of those. I styled it with the Aidoru Jewelry and with the Mary Jane shoes I will blog below.
The second is a lovely black and white gown which comes with a hat. It is called Aztek gown and it is simply lovely. House of Beningburough ladies.

Then I went back to Mary Jane shoes. Lucky chairs have a magical attraction for me :) And YAY even though there is a hughe lag I got a pair of colorchange shoes, Euphoric bright/black.
These Mary Jane shoes will go perfectly with the simply elegant dress Morea has as a new group gift. I love the split skirt, showing lots of leg.
Then I went for a bit of hunting. I am still trying to finish the FWH (For Whatever Hunt, you have to find a W at the stores). I went to Orchid Lotus and Moondance and YAY I found the big W there. Look what a great gift is inside that W. The pants and bouse is actually the GUYS gift...but hey who is complaining?

Evolve is also participating in the FWH and if you find the W at their store this great cocktail gown is yours ! You get a matching face tattoo too !
The next dress is the gift inside the W at LC Design. WOW it is an amazing dress, I love the satin texture and the shimering glow. Sooo elegant ! Find the W to get it ladies. Shoes by HOC Industries.
Another sexy dress is hidden inside teh W at Sassy. A lovely tight blue dress, perfect to wear to a cocktail party, to go clubbing or with leggings and a shrug at home.
This dress is inside the W at 20 Five. I had to look for a while but it is worth the hunting ladies. The dress is awesome!
Then I went to FA Creations and they have this very 50th dress inside their W from the FWH. You can wear it with or without tje jeans jacket and the cute sunglasses are included, so are the shoes and socks.

Last post for today are the pants and tattoos I found at Tink Tattoos. They are hidden inside the W from the FWH. I styled the pants with the top I found at K Code.

And I styled the pants from Tink Tattoos also with the top by Micoolie.
And finally I styled teh pants by Tink Tattoos with the fatpack of shirts I got from Medley. ALL are gifts from the For Whatever hunt and you just have to find the W to get them ladies. The cool flats are by HOC Industries (not free, but very affordable AND color change!).