Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shoes and dresses and some fun stuff.

Mary Jane shoes has no less than 6 lucky chairs placed in their store and WOW they have some great shoes inside those chairs ! I stood there for a while (VERY laggy) and YAY I got 3 pairs...the top 2 are black only, the lower ones are animal print and you can change the texture.

Then I went to Bewildebeest again and I got these lovely Vine earrings and necklace. The set comes in silver and gold and with many stone options.
Bewildebeest is closing and all their jewelry is marked down to 10 L$.
I found a really lovely gown to wear with this elegant jewelry. It is a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Jolbey & Jasper.
Another very elegant dress is the dress Fabienne Bollisima put inside the W from the FWH (For Whatever Hunt). If you can find the W at the store this lovely blue babydoll dress is yours.
There are plenty cute dresses in the FWH and if you can find the W at Shush this short sexy dress is a nice extra in your inventory. Pasties are included.
This dress is the gift The Spirit Store has hidden inside their W fron the FWH.
And this cute dress has 2 options: with or without flowers. It is the gift in the FWH by Xplosion and you only have to find the W at thes tore to get it !
This cute dress is a gift from the AD&DW hunt (find a black round box with a snowflake on it) and you can find it at Sassy !
Xplosion is also participating in the AD&DW hunt (find a black round box with a snowflake on it). If you find the box at their store you will get a warm winter scarf.
Another warm scarf AND yellow eyes can be found at FE design. They are participating in the Santas Sack hunt (find a red Santa sack).
The next stop was PYNKZ and they are also participating in the FWH (For Whatever Hunt, find the big W at the store). They have shoes included in their lovely gift, which is a cute top and pants set.
Another store that is participating in the FWH is Clarity Creations. They have hidden a cute warm sweater and pants set inside their W from the FWH.
Clarity Creations is also participating in the WEGH hunt and you have to find a gold bar to get this sweet outfit.
The last one of my hunt items for today is the warm hoody LouLou has put inside a red Santa hat at their store. It is the hunt item for the CH2 hunt.
Over to the more fun stuff. How about these nice skins? I love skins and these are hidden inside the W at Krasota.
This great make up called Darkangel is the gift you will find at GLEAM inside the W for the FWH.
Then I got these great face tattoos by White Widow. I didn;t have to look long for the W from the FWH and I hope you will find it fast too :)
And this gift really made me laugh. Moustaches ! You get them if you find the W at Es'Cusi.
Last one for today are the monocles Casuka has hidden inside their W from the FWH. Nice !