Sunday, January 8, 2012

So little time, so much to do...

I planned an easy relaxed sunday but as usual things didn't turn out the way I planned them and my sunday turned out rather hectic. So I am hurrying now to finish this blog...
ah well...let's see what I found on my way through SL.
I went to B!asta and actually I was there for the FWH (For Whatever Hunt, you have to find a hughe W). And YAY I found it. Inside was this elegant tight dress, I love it. Shoes are Audrey pumps by Babymonkey.
B!asta also has a very cute dress for free at their store and many low priced outfits (below 60 L$). This is the free dress at B!asta.
Then I jumped to American Bazaar and I found the FWH item there too. They are also participating in a lot of other hunts.

This is the American Bazaar hunt item for the Millenium hunt. You have to find one vendor which is marked just 1 L$, but the item and find inside an extra bonus price. At American Bazaar the bonus is this great sexy dress !
American Bazaar has put this very cute top inside the hunt item from the Cafe hunt.
And American Bazaar takes part in the WIZ GLAM hunt and if you find their hunt item at the store you will get this very nice dressy in white with a gold and a silver belt to wear with the dress.
The next stop was Siopa and they have hidden a lovely bandeaux top in pink inside their FWH item (big W). I styled the top with the elegant pants I found inside the big W for the FWH at M&C Factory, but also with the high waist skirt Purpur has put inside their big W.

Then I went to SE Design and they have this very elegant outfit hidden inside their W at the store. It is the hunt item from the FWH (For Whatever Hunt) and the outfit is simply stunning.
I am wearing the SE Design outfit using the poses BLAH has put up as a gift in the FWH. Just find the big W to get these poses.

Another store that has hidden poses inside their W from the FWH is Magnifique! The poses are so great ! Outfit and cute flats (also on the other pics) are by HOC Industries.
Another shop that is participating in the FWH is The Strawberry Box. They have put so many animated poses insid ethe W for the FWH that I couldn't take all pics of them. Just one this time, but you have to see the poses to see how great they are. Find the W at The Strawberry Box ! Outfit is by Jane.

Then I hopped over to Sakide and they have these outfits hidden inside their W. The W is the hunt item for the For Whatever hunt. I love the ! and ?. The shoes are by Babymonkey (Audrey pumps)
Next stop: EMO-tions. They aren't oparticipating in the hunts but they have a great new group gift, this lovely curly hair, called Donna.
Emo-tions also has a new release: this great hair is called Nia and you can wear it short or with extensions.
The last new release by Emo-tions is this great dress. The pictures don't do it right, just tp over to Emo-tions and have a look. The gown is stunning. It is called Nightwish and it was already available in black and red, but now also in snowwhite.

I wanted to show you the jewelry I found in the FWH (hidden inside a W at the stores). This is the gift by Collisions.
And if you find the W at Virtual Insanity you will be the owner of this great necklace.
Virtual Insanity is also taking part in the CH2, find the Santa hat to get this great
Virtual Insanity has hidden matching earrings for the rings above inside the round black box with a snow crystal on it from the AD&WD hunt. Find it and you have a great set to wear :)
Last one is the necklace I found inside the W o from the FWH at I <3 Fashion. It has a little shoe hanging at the chain !