Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's, oh, so quiet....and so peacefull and still

It really is oh, so quiet now the chat is gone :) And I am listening to Bjork...
Today I did some more hunting, I found a few gifts, clicked a few Midnight Mania boards..and it is all going to end up on this blog.
Like this elegant necklace which is a gift in The Cafe Hunt. You have to find a cup of coffee at Sweet Leonard to get this great necklace with a tiny bird inside.
The poses I am using on this blog are by Purple Poses, each pose is just 10 L$ and there are many packs at the store.
The next shop I went to was Sakka's Studio and they also hod a lovely necklace including earrings in their cup of coffee from The Cafe Hunt. There are little pieces of cake on it ! WITH whipped  cream too :)
And the last one from The Cafe hunt is this face tattoo and the waffle mouthie. You can find them at Regalo and all you have to do is find a cup of coffee ladies !
Over to the lovely hair D!va is giving their group members because they have over 25.000 members in their group. You can wear the hair long or short and it comes in many colors (just showing you a few).

And this lovely outfit is by LUZ. She is one of my regular visitors and a gifted designer and she gave me this lovely outfit, called Summer Jam,  because she was annoyed by the comments in chat. Thank you Luzie, and ladies visit her store, she has many lovely designs. The shoes, hat and bag are included, it is NOT free though.
This next dress is a gift in the Millenium hunt. This hunt is a little different, you have to find one vendor at the participating stores that is marked down to 1 L$. Inside the 1 L$ item you will find another gift. In this case the dress was just 1 L$ at Priss and the great bag was the gift that came with the dress !
Urban Girl gives all their subscribo members this great dress with sneakers. Click the subscribo to join the group at the store (joining is free), check past notices, and take a look around, Urban Girl has great outfits for just 10 L$ (blogged before). THIS lm will take you just in front of the GROUP JOINER, under it are the steps you have to take to join.
For those of you ladies who like hats: a new hat store opened in SL, called Xen's hats. This is an example of what they sell, a cute top hat with a color change hud.
Over to something more sophisticated, a lovely new release by SLC. The first week the gowns are just 99 L$ and the red one is only available for group members. The gown is called Sheer Jeweled.
And this gown is a gift from the Midnight Mania baord at VelvetRythms. You can wear it short or as a full gown and the lovely shoes are included.

And this outfit is also from the Midnight Mania board at VelvetRythms.
Then I started the Where is the Concert hunt. You have to find a concert ticket at the stores which are participating and when you find it you get a present AND the TP to the next store. I found quite a few, like this one at Gizza. You get this great dress to wear to your concert and the lovely hair is by Alice Project, also from the Where is the Concert hunt (blogged yesterday).
Another store that is participating in the Where is the Concert Hunt is LouLou and you get this cute black dress there if you find the ticket at their store.
Purple Moon has put up this great hair to wear to your concert and all you have to do is find the ticket to the concert at their store. There is a HINT page which you can find HERE. I also got a lovely scarf while I was looking for the ticket, Purple Moon has a raffle which gives away a present every 10 minutes to a random customer.

The next outfit is a gift by G&N. It is a lovely classic pants set with a top and a great belt. Shoes are also included.
GraffitiWear has changed their Midnight Mania board item, their Lucky Board item and their Unlucky dip item. You can see the new ones below.


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