Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ohhh I got some blue blood !!!

HAH I got you there...no I am not royalty, I just went to Blue Blood. They have no less than 16 lucky boards and I spend some time there and believe it or not R came up frequently. Some of the boards say GROUP ONLY but even though I am no longer a Blue Blood group member I still got the dresses.
So brace yourself and look what I got there. Shoes by BabyMonkey.

Then I did some more hunting. I am addicted to good hunst and believe me The Cafe Hunt is a great hunt ! You can find more info about the hunt and hints where to find the items HERE.
Today I am just going to show you some waitress outfits I found in this hunt. Like this one, which was hidden inside the cup of coffee at Likka House.
Or this one which is hidden inside the cup of coffee at 1MM. Hello I am your waitress for this evening and I am bringing you the menu :) Ohhh you want the chicken noodle soup? Ahhh we just ran out, I am sooo sorry :)
This next waitress dress is the gift Ambrosia put inside their coffee cup in The Cafe hunt. You just have to find it ladies...
And Bonne Chance has this lovely dress hidden inside their coffee cup at the store.
Bubblez Design has put a way different waitress dress inside the cup of coffee at their store. The hint page (the link is blogged above) is very helpfull ladies if you cannot find the coffee cup at any store.
The dress by Homemade is more like a medival waitress at a pub. I can see myself serving beer in this great dress. The only thing you have to do to get it is to find the cup of coffee at Homemade ladies.

Last one for today is not really a waitress dress....it is more ike an Alice in Wonderland dress. And as I am always late in publishing my blog and I keep running arond shouting "I am LATE ...I am LATE..." this is the perfect dress for me. You can find the dress inside the cup of coffee at NK ...just find it first :)