Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too many items...preview delayed for 10 seconds...

Today I have so many items that I hope I can put them all in one blog! They are all so nice and I hate to leave any of them out. So no more talking: get to work...
Rose from Paris Metro has some really great new gowns at the store. They are called Flower Flamingo gowns and you can wear them as a full gown or as a short dress, but either way they are gorgiuous. I am showing you the pink one, the rose one and the sketch one. NOT free as they are a new release !

Vitas Boudoir has a new gift for their group members and it is perfect for Valentine ladies...the face tattoo and the cute hearts in the hair are included.
These very cute boots are the gift from the Midinight Mania board at Polished shoes. They are just too great to miss ladies so get your friends and start clicking !
And these tippy toe feet are one of the gifts at Polished shoes Lucky Board! Don't you wish your letter will come up?
Then I went to Purple Moon to do their cherry hunt. There are 10 cherries hidden all over the store (and the Boho house). They are quite easy to spot, even though they are small, and each one contains a lovely gift. Look below !
If you have problems finding any of the hunt items please IM me in SL or send me a note and I will try and help.

If you are wondering about the hair I am wearing: this is the CARMEN hair from EMO-tions. I have been looking for an updo which shows earrings for a long time and this one seems to do the job. Besides that: it is a lovely updo, the hair band is color change and actually I find it adorable. NOT free though !
The lovely necklace and earrings are by Dahlinks, also not free.

I did the last part of the Where is the Concert hunt. This hunt runs till February 4th and you still have a few days to get all those lovely gifts hidden inside the concert tickets at the store. This first shirts is hidden inside the ticket at The Follow. What else?
And this shirt is the gift hidden inside the concert ticket at 1Hundred. You can wear the tube top under or over the cute hoodie. Just find the ticket to get it :)

Cynful hid this lovely shrug inside their ticket for the Where is the Concert hunt. Try to find it at their store ladies.
Anothter gift in this hunt is the great sexy concert outfit Sassy has hidden inside the ticket at their store. I am wearing the bare feet by Polished shoes with this lovely outfit...thinking of a summer pop concert on the beach.
Last one for today is the gift Mayden Couture put inside their ticket for the Where is the Concert Hunt. The cute boots are included !
Remember you have till February 4th to get these great gifts ladies. So hop over to your favorite stores and find the ticket.


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