Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some more jewelry, shapes and shoes...

Yesterday I blogged quite a bit of jewelry, and I found some more today. Bewildebeest is closing on January 16th and they are having a big sale at the moment. All their jewelry is marked down to 10 L$. The sets are 20 L$, like this lovely set called Alma. You get the silver and gold version, necklace, earrings and ring, 64 items in total for just 20 L$.
I also got this set at Bewildebeest. The set is called Madiere and the necklace is 10 L$, so are the earrings. All the jewelry comes in many colors.

And if you are wondering where I got this GREAT dress I am wearing with the jewelry: it is from the Midnight Mania Board at Orchid Lotus & Moondance. So get your friends over en click away ladies and please look at  the great designs at the store.
Jara, designer and owenr of Aidoru has designed another GREAT necklace. It is again changeable with a color hud and it has an AMAZING back !!! WOW I love it. Not free, but worth every Linden ladies !!

Then I went to Chaos Panic Disorder for the FWH (For Whatever Hunt, find a big W) and I found this Celtic cross necklace inside the W.
One of my weaknesses are shoes, and so I was so happy DUH ! was taing part in the FWH. But when I walked up the stairs I saw DUH ! has many freebies, amongst them is this lovely set in silver and gold. Necklace, earrings and bangles.
I also found the FWH W at DUH ! and this was hidden inside.
DUH ! is also participating in the CH2 hunt, you have to find a santa hat at the store to get these cute flats.
If you find the hunt item from teh AD&DW hunt at DUH ! you will be the owner of these elegant satin boots. Find the round black box with a snowflake on it.
And the rest below are just dollarbies or freebies at DUH !

Then I got these cute shoes at Bedlam. They are the gift in the FWH (find the big W) and you do not only get the shoes but you also get the tattoo I am showing you too.

There are some more tattoos in the FWH, for example this one at FE Designs. Find the W to get it.
Cherry Bomb also has a tattoo hidden inside their W, so if you like this tattoo you have to hop over and start looking.
And these two great music tattoos can be yours if you find the W from the FWH at Holli Pocket.

Then I went to Waffle and they have a shape hidden inside their W from the FWH. The shape is called MIA. The one on the LEFT is my own shape, and as I am small already (1.60 m) you can see that the MIA shape is even smaller.
So has Anatomy. Find the W at their store and you can wear this shape. The shape is called Julliet and the shape on the LEFT is my shape.
The Art Body store also has a shape inside their W fromthe FWH and their shape is called Karina. They also included a skin !
Then I went to Cool ^Nice and they have 4 Midnight Mania boards and on three of them are shapes. The last one has a sexy set of clothes. And there are 2 freebies on the floor.....