Friday, January 27, 2012

Some really kewl shoes, some really great hunt items and the rest is free....

My friend Jara from Aidoru created these fun Hippy half boots. She told me she was having fun creating them and believe me: you can see it ! They are a new release, 130 L$ at Aidoru.
The poses I am using on this blog are by Purple Poses and they are just 10 L$ per pose.
Vivi from Viviane Fashion also created new shoes. These very nice sneakers are called Hearts2 and they are also a new release. Perfect for Valentine (guys think GIFT !)
Vivi also created Hearts3 sneakers :)
And she created there very nice warm fur coats in brown and grey, all at Viviane Fashion ladies. Perfect for those cold winter days !

Then I did some more hunting. The Where is the Concert hunt runs till February 4th so you still have time to find all those great gifts in the participating stores. There is a HINT list HERE, which is a great help.
Let me show you what I found inside the ticket (which is the hunt item) at LeeZu. This dress is perfect to wear to a pop concert !
Or you could try to find the ticket at The Mad Hatter and you will get this pants & top outfit which is also great for a pop concert ! Shoes by HOC Industries (color change, not free). No pair of shoes at HOC Industries is over 175 L$. Most shoes are much cheaper. The color change BOLTS sneakers are 150 L$.
If you are wondering what hair I am wearing with the outfit above: this is the hair ChiChickie hid inside their ticket for this Where is the Concert? hunt. The hair is called AJ. It is color change with an easy to use hud, you can also change the color of the streaks.
And I am wearing this great ChiChickie hair with the lovely dress Snowpaws hid insid etheir ticket. This dress is not really suitable for a pop concert but it is great for a classic concert or just to go dancing :)
The jewelry I am wearing with this dress is the gift Key West has put insid etheir ticket from the Where is the Concert Hunt...a necklace and earrings with palm trees.

Another dress that is perfect for a classic concert is the dress Tres Beau has hidden inside their Concert ticket. All you have to do is find it at their store !
There was some more hair hidden in the ticket at Vanity Hair. You get only the blond version if you find the ticket.
I am wearing this lon blond hair by Vanity Hair with the cool outfit ViVidesigns has hidden inside their ticket. You would not wear it to a classic concert, but it is still a very nice outfit :)
And this sexy something is the gift Blacklace has put inside their ticket for the Where is the Concert? hunt. The cute hat is a gift that comes with the ChiChickie hair above !
Another very sexy gift can be found inside the ticket of Angelwings. Just find it at their store ladies.
Or you could try and find the ticket at Siss Boom and then you will have this "I will skip school and just go to the secret concert" outfit.
Another great dress is hidden at E-Clipse. It is a great outfit for a pop concert, sexy, but you can still dance in it all night. The cute piano shoes are included !Just find the ticket...
There is also a lot of jewelry hidden inside the tickets from this hunt. Like these key earrings by BeautyCode.
Or like these elegant earrings by Exodi. You get no less that TEN colors !! You just have to find the ticket !
Two Sisters have these 2 great necklaces hidden inside their tickets from teh Where is the Concert? hunt.
And if you find the ticket at Truthball you get this lovely truth or dare bracelet.
And this ring in a male and a female version is hidden inside the ticket at Frippery.
Last one for today are the shapes that Diva hid inside their ticket from the Where is the Concert still have till February 4th to get them ladies...