Friday, January 20, 2012

Ohhh those 60th....

You all know I am crazy about hunts. And now there is a 60th hunt going on at ChiChi of London. WOW I love this hunt. You have to find a PEACE pendant, you know with the international PEACE sign. There are 6 hidden in the mainstore of ChiChi of London and 6 more in their second store.
So let me start with what I found at ChiChi of London.
I started at their main store and I found this great John Steed car in one pendant and the very Sgt. Pepper outfit in another pendant. Both at the ChiChi of London mainstore.
Then ofcourse I went looking for the matching John Steed outfit. And ChiChi of London provides that too ! Look ! Even the gun and shooting is there ! And ofcourse the umbrella !

Very 60th is ofcourse TWIGGY. ChiChi of London also has a Twiggy outfit for us all. And I think Barbie was born in the 60th, so ChiChi of London also has this great Barbie Lotus car hidden in one of their pendants.

We all remember John an Yoko in bed in the 60th or at least we heard about it. ChiChi of London has put a great Yoko outfit in one of their 6 pendants, look below !
Those were the 6 items in the MAINSTORE.
Then I hopped over to the ChiChi of London 2nd store and started all over. You just have to find 6 pendants (peace sign) to get all these goodies ladies !
And this is what I found at ChiChi of Londons 2nd store.
What about this very Easy Rider bike? WOW.... can you feel the wind blowing through your hair...
On this bike I am wearing the sexy BOND girl outfit ChiChi of London put in one of their pendants ! Hmmmm I feel soo adventuruous :)
His name is Bond ladies, JAMES Bond...
In the 60th it was very decadent to have a holiday in St. Tropez. The whole jetset went there and ChiChi of London gives you these elegant bathing suits, elegant and very much designer, very much jetset and perfect to wear in St. Tropez.

Wasn't it in the 60th when David Bowie sang about his China girl? ChiChi of London created a great China Girl outfit and it is yours if you can find the pendant that hides it at ChiChi of London :)
The last one I found is this great El Gato Hoodie and it is inside one of the 6 pendants at ChiChi of London 2nd store. I don't know if they already had hoodies in the 60th but it is a great outfit !ll you have to do is find the right pendant.
So far the swinging 60th at ChiChi of London.
Another great outfit that reminded me very much of the 60th is this great pants and top set by Fabienne Bolisima. It is their gift in the New Year New You hunt. You have to find a white star with a black silhouette of a lady on it to get this outfit.
The vests and hats Top Kratz has hidden inside their galss of champagne of the New beginnings hunt are also reminding me of the 60th...
Enough with the 60th....I just finished the New Beginnings Hunt so I wil show you some more goodies I found inthis hunt. I love the outfit MSM Creations has hidden inside their glass of champagne from the NBH. I also like the MALE version....

And what do you think of the cute coat, boots and jeans Fabienne Bolisima has hidden inside her glass of champagne? WOW I love this coat, perfect for cold winter days :)
Next is the fun set Urban Gypsy Clothiers has hidden inside their glass of champagne. You get sexy hotpants and a great shirt if you find the glass at their store !
If you are into tattoos, go to Morte's Seduction and try to find the glass of champagne there. They put this great tattoo, which you can wear on your back or in your chest, inside the glass of champagne of the NBH.
This fun backpack and hat are the gift Les Sucreties de la Fairy have put inside their glass of champagne. So hurry over and look for it ladies, the backpack is to die for !
I also got this great elegant top at La Sucreties de la Fairy from their lucky board.
Last one for today is the very cute hair and hat Irrisistable Shop gives as a gift in the New Beginnings Hunt. You only have to find a glass of champagne at the store and it is yours. I love the bubbles rising from the champagne on the hat!

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