Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunts & group gifts and new releases.

I wish I could think up better titles for my blog, but allas, my mind is kinda blank and I am having the flu in RL and somehow that slowed my brain down.
But I still managed to find some nice stuff for you all, like this very elegant outfit by Adoness. I was actually at their store for the FWH (For Whatever hunt, find a BIG W) but I found this gift too !
I also found the FWH item at Adoness and this elegant top was inside the big W. The pants are a freebie by HOC Industries, blogged HERE. The cute flats are also by HOC Industries, not free but very affordable.
Then I hopped over to 22769, also for the FWH. And YAY I found the big W and inside I found this warm winter sweater !
22769 is also participating in the FTLO Millenium hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store you will get this grey outfit. 1L$ for this hunt itme ladies !
The next 2 jackets (and only the jackets!) are both black market items by 22769.The pink jacket is available for just 40 L$ and I styled it with a top and capri leggings by Jane and flats by HOC Industries. The lovely necklace and earrings are by Finesmith (will be blogged below).
The red jacket is availabel for 100 L$.

This great dress with the cute hat is by Cillian'gel and it is their gift in the Glam hunt. Find the hunt item at Cillian'gel and it is yours :) And this is the HINT: 'Under the coal seam you may find a diamond'.
Graffiti Wear is also participating in the GLAM hunt and they have put this cute skirt with the fur jacket inside the hunt item.
Graffiti Wear has some new free items at the store, the top one inside the unlucky dip, the middle one in their Lucky Board and the bottom one in the Midnight Mania board.

I am showing you also a new release by Graffiti wear, a lovely white sparking dress, called All that glitters for 99 L$ (comes in more colors) and a great new necklace set, called Opal Jewelry set for 125 L$.

Graffiti Wear also has a big W hidden inside their store, and inside is this great neacklace !
Another shop that is participating in a lot of hunts is Ten10. They have hidden the W from the FWH in their store too and if you find it you will get this elegant red satin (mesh) dress. The cute flats and the jeans I am wearing with the hunt items below are by HOC Industries. Flats are not free but very affordable.
Ten10 is also participating in the Candy Cane Hunt (find a cup of coco with a candy cane in it) and they hid this open belt inside the hunt item. 1L$ for this hunt item ladies.
The sweater is by Shush and it is a gift in the AD&DW hunt.
Over to the 1 L$ hunt that is going on at Finesmith. They have put up a lot of jewelry from 2011 that is going to be retired for just 1 L$ and 5 L$. It is a kind of hunt, but it will be ongoing as far as I understood. Find the numbers 2011 at the store and buy for either 1 or 5 L$. The first 9 are 1 L$ and I am showing them below.
Ah well I didn't find #1, so I am starting with the lovely bracelets inside #2.
This great necklace and earrings are inside #3 and #4. I was wearing those with the 22769 pink jacket above.
The lovely pearls are inside #5 and the earrings inside #7.
These long pearls are inside #8 and the gold earrings inside #9.
Oh I forgot #6 you think? No get these great sandals if you find it.
Last one for today is this lovely new release (so NOT free) dress by Vita's Boudoir. Sometimes she asks the group members to think up a name and if she picks your idea for the name you get the great dress for free. I sighed: I never ever win...and then ALL who contested got the dress for free. Thank you Vita !!! I feel like a winner now :)
The name Sparkling Widow won by the way :)