Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gowns that are like works of ART !

The White Armory has great outfits. And if you are a group member you will get spoiled with this elegant gown which is available at the White Armory store. To become a group member you have to follow the steps on the subcriber board and send one of the owners a notecard. Joining is free.
I am still amazed about this great gown.

Another amazing and extraordinary gown is the one you get at Vanguard. WOW is a work of art. A very dramatic gown.

Then I checked the Baiastice notes (from their group) and I found this great dress in 2 variations inside as a present for group members.
I hadn't been at the Enky 1 L$ store for a while and I hopped over to see if they had some new 1 L$ items. And YES they have !
I am showing you just a few examples, there is much more for just 1 L$ from great designers. Like this cute hair by Lollipoz.
Or the hair by Hair & Hair.
There is also a lot of casual wear at Enky 1 L$ store. Like this dress by SMS.
Or the cute outfit by SNATCH.
And this one by MEB. Remember, all at the Enky 1 L$ store !
If you like more elegant dresses maybe the one by SySy is a good choice for you
Or the dress by Dany French Touch.
Another elegant dress is the one by Donna Flora.
The Gato dress is just simply fun.
There are also a few lovely gowns at Enky 1 L$ store, like this one by Lemania Indigo.
Or the lovely green one by Paris Fashion.
I picked up this elegant necklace at Enky 1 L$ store too, goes great with the dresses and gowns.
Last one I got at Enky 1 L$ store is the lingerie by ALB Dream.
Then I went to Hipnose and they have plenty new group gifts ladies. Wow hard to chose what to wear with all those great outfits. At Hipnose.