Saturday, January 14, 2012


Some things just linger in my inventory and there is no blog post on which they really fit. And sometimes you simply get the most wonderfull things you want to blog but they also really don't fit on the blog you want to make. Anyway if this doesn't make sence it is because I am on antibiotics and I really do not make sence in RL either.
But THIS gown is one I really want to blog. It is the new group gift by The White Armory and it is simply stunning.

You could wear the lovely earrings I got from BeautyCode with this gown. They are pear shaped and have a lovely shine. BeautyCode made the earrings for the Designer Circle (not free but very affordable). The link will lead you to the Designer Circle.
Or you could wear the lovely earrings from Hucci with this gown. They are a new subscribo gift.
Another shop that has beautiful earrings is Bliensen & MaiTai. They are participating in the FTLO Millenium hunt and you have to find one vendor at the store which is marked down to 1 L$. If you buy it you will find a special gift inside, in this case the beautiful vintage earrings I am wearing below. And the HAIR is a hint of which item is marked 1 L$. The hat is color change and so is the lace on the hat.

Next I heard Graffiti Wear has changed their Midnight Mania gift, their lucky board gift and their unlucky dip gift. See below what you can get at Graffiti wear this week :)

Bellissima has a new group gift too and if you are a group member (or if you become one) you get these moonboots as a gift.
I got some more great shoes this week and I got them from Lourdes of London. They are participating in a lot of hunts and they put up shoes for almost all of them. These first shoes are a gift in the PPH hunt and you have to find a penguin.
These next shoes by Lourdes of London are from the TDF-CFH hunt and you have to find a yellow star to get these shoes.
And tese cute shoes are the gift by Lourdes of London for the FWH hunt (find a W).
Last one are the pants Lourdes of London put inside the picture of a woman, which is the hunt item for the New Year New You hunt. I styled the pants with the top I got from the FWH (find a W) at Never Ever.
The Never Ever top is a great one to style with different pants, like these flower ones which are a gift from the FWH at K2K Headquaters. The shoes are included with the pants.
Or you can style the Never Ever top with the sexy pink leggings by Anymore. They are also hidden inside the W from the FWH.
After all that hunting I went to Poised. They have a GREAT new group gift and besides that they have a lot of very cute new releases. I am showing you the vendor of the new group gift below.
And this is the new MEL outfit by Poised. It comes in many colors.
This outfit is also new and it is called Peri, also comes in more colors.
The last one by Poised is a lovely sweater which also comes in more colors and it is called Me Sweater.
Then somehow I landed at Material Squirrel and they have plenty lucky boards. I couldn't resist to the Rs that came up...and YAY I got....ermm.... 4 pairs of wings?