Saturday, January 21, 2012

My inventory looks like a trash can...

The last weeks I just didn't get around to sorting my inventory and now my inventory is like a maze, I find nice freebies everywhere , mainly things I forgot to blog. So this blog will look like a patchwork blanket with all kind of things...some new releases, some freebies, some clothes, some skins, some shoes..
This first dress is the group opening gift from Aggressione. It is a lovely knitted dress with a great belt :)
Then I found this elegant dress in my inventory and it is by Bonne Chance and it is one of their group gifts. I am wearing the new released skin by Sacred Roses. The skin is called Black Angel skin and you also get the black wings and the sexy black undies. As it is a new release it is NOT free.
The cute Swan boots are by BabyMonkey.
Bonne Chance has a lot more group gifts, some 1 L$ offers and 4 lucky boards too. I am showing you what I got there below.

This next dress is also a group gift by Bonne Chance and it is called ANGEL dress. I am wearing it with the new group gift skin by AlVulo, called Nana. WOW that is one skin I want to keep :)

The good news is that Polished Shoes has a Midnight Mania board and a Lucky board at their store. I love their shoes and I was so lucky the Midnight Mania board closed and I got these great boots :)
Then I heard of the Chicken Soup hunt. The bowls of chicken soup are not free, you have to pay 5 L$ for them at Cilian'gel, but then you get some great stuff, like these black and white sweater and pants set by Cilian'gel. There are also chicken soup cans to find and those are free. You can find a them at BOTH Cilian'gel locations. HERE is the LM to the Chicago store and HERE is the LM to the Rilleri boutique.
Ohhh I love those chicken acrobats :)

This very fun sweater is a new release by Urban Republic. They released a FUCK Valentine outfit before (blogged yesterday) and this is their next statement. Not free though.

Over to some more elegant outfits, like the one in the Midnight Mania board at LC Fashion, They have this great white gown in their MM board so get all your friends to click is amazing !
LC Design is  participating in the New Beginnings Hunt. You have to find a glass of champagne at their store to get this lovely gown.

This next gown is also a gift in the New Beginnings Hunt at Rock me Amadeus. A lovely green gown, elegant and simple and perfect to wear when you go dancing. How it stays up? Velcro ladies !!
To wear with these lovely gowns the new released necklace, earrings and bracelet by Apple May Design would be perfect. It is not free (new release) but it is such an elegant set that I couldn' resist to put it on the blog.