Monday, January 30, 2012

Something old, Something new, Something sexy, Something blue

Something new? Well this cute dress in a lot of colors is a new release by Aggressione. It is only 99 L$ this week, so if you want it hop over to Aggressione and go get it...It comes also in black, brown, purple and white and the colors you see below.

Another new gift is the elegant Valentine dress by Wild Serenity. It is their gift in the Be My Valentine hunt (find a red heart) and it will set you back 1 L$ to get it.
Something old...ah well the lovely necklace I am wearing with the blue dress above is an older gift by Dahlinks. They have lovely jewelry and guess what? They have something old at their store...the gift of the POE hunt is still there (look for a globe).
Something there are plenty sexy things around. What do you think about these lovely gifts by Blacklace? This first lovely lingerie set is the hunt price in the Where is the Concert hunt (runs till February 4th and you have to find a concert ticket).
And this very sexy set is the gift in the Diamonds are mine hunt (find the diamond)
This set is a Christmas gift by Blacklace, but it is still available.
And this one is the gift hidden inside a top hat with champagne, which is the hunt item for the FFinSL hunt at Blacklace.
Something more sexy? Well if you are a dare devil just hop over to Hugo Design and get the newest freebie at their store ! WOW Valentine 9 colors (I am just showing you a few colors...)
Last one...something blue...well my dear friend Gaea told me there is this store called Earth & Sky. They have many freebies at the store, like bikini's, ball gowns, casual clothing, skate dresses. Look below....I am not showing all colors they have at the store. But blue is most certainly amongst them !


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