Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And now for something completely different....

Today my blog is very different from my usual blogs. I am going to put only latex on it (well ALMOST only latex). So if you are not into that don't bother to read *smiles*.
Hugo's Design is reopening and they have some really nice new releases, but also some GREAT freebies to celebrate their re-opening. From January 14th till 21st there are buy-one-get-one-free sales. From the 12st of January till the 28th there will be Hugo's Design first hunt.
So let me show you the new releases. This first one is called Nanda and all Hugo's designs come in more than one color. Showing you the yellow one.
This one is called Ursa corset, showing you hard pink.
And this one is Ursa body in blue.
The next one is called Victoria.

And this one is called Xyz body (showing you green)
And this is the new freebie at Hugo's Design. It comes in many colors, I am just showing you a few.
Then I went to Jamie Earst. They have very nice latex and role playing clothes and I sat on one of their lucky chairs with R and got this oil layer for your skin.
Jamie Earst also has a Midnight Mania board and I got this cute yellow latex dress from it. The blue dress is a freebie at the store, so is the color change belt.

The next stop was The Adult Hub. I got the tip for Jamie Earst and for The Adult Hub from one of my readers (sorry sorry I did not mark your name... but thank you so much!!!) At the Adult Hub there is a freebie store and this is what I got there, a corset, a green latex dress and a nude latex dress by POC. And the latex suits by KC Creations.

I was intrigued and went to Marketplace to find more  of these sexy outfits and as you can guess I found a few. Like this very sexy Oily fishnet outfit by Party Girl. 10 L$ for this outfit ladies.
And this outfit is by Ponka Xena and it is called red latex. The boots are not included, they are by Bax Coen.
The next shop was Plausible Body. They have a lot of latex stuff and I blogged them before, but I couldn;t resist to put some of their great outfits on this blog. Like this bodysuit called Beckie (you get many colors, just showing you a few). You can wear it with or without the belts.
Or this blue latex heart outfit, also by Plausible Bodies.
I also found this sexy red latex naughty nurse outfit and it is by Red Devil Inc.
And this black dress is by Jesse Munroe and it is 1 L$.
The red latex set below is by Juicy fashions and you can also find it on Marketplace.
Over to another sexy outfit by Jimy Galtier and it is free on Marketplace. It is a body harness and you can wear the straps only or with the grey latex suit under it.
Sintimacy has an outfit on Marketplace called Let it Rock and it is perfect to wear to your special latex parties or for roleplaying.
Snoocks has this sexy latex and fishnet outfit on Marketplace.
And the last one on this latex blog is the outfit by Titus Yoshikawa and it is 3 L$ on Marketplace ladies. It is called Latex Bitch.

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