Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just 2 weeks till Valentine !

In 2 weeks time it will be Valentines day and even though it is not celebrated everywhere there are many presents around in SL. Let me start with the lovely gowns Saschas Design has put behind the front desk. WOW no less that 3 quality gowns each for just 75 L$. And the best thing is: they are transfer, so hint your loved one you want one, buy one for your best friend or just get them all for yourself :)
And ladies: these gowns are perfectly wearable AFTER Valentines day too ! The gowns have a very high Red Carpet feel, I could just hold these words back: "I want to thank my mom and dad, and my producer...and thank you for the lovely roses...(roses by Jadelina)".
Just showing you 2 of the 3 gowns.

The next items are not Valentine related...did I hear a sigh of relief there?
There are a few very nice skins around as group gifts or as re-opening gifts. Like this one by AlVulo. It is a group gift, and the name of the skin is
This next skin is the newest gift by JeSyLiLo (also a group gift - joining is free).
Last skins are the re-opening gifts by Dekade. There are 4 for women, called Grace (top ones) and Bridget (lower ones). There are also 2 skins for men.

Hipnose has changed their gifts at the stroe. You have to be a group member to get them, but they are great gifts. There are also gifts available for guys.

This next outfit is a new release by Censored. It is so much fun, called Betty Boop. This outfit was created for the XY Room.
And these lovely boots are a new release by Loordes of London. GREAT boots to wear with your pants, but they also are great to wear under a skirt ! The boots are called Canterbury boots.
Then I went to PinkMaresHouse. They have plenty lucky boards and a Midnight Mania board which needs a LOT of clicks and which didn't close when I clicked it. But if you have a lot of friends on your list I am sure it will close for you :) Just showing you the things I got from the Lucky boards.

Over to LC Fashion. This is a hughe shop with many many lucky boards and with many free items. And some are just 1 L$ like this lovely pruple gown. Just walk around ladies and have a look, it is really worth it.


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