Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here we have this brandnew year, an unwritten book...the first page before me...blank as new fallen snow. I hope you will fill this book of 2012 with laughter, joy, love and happyness.
I was inspired to write these words by UNWRITTEN.

And I am trying to fill this blog with joy and laughter ladies.
So let me start with this fun New Year hair by Exile. And I am toasting on a VERY good 2012 !! For all of you :) (You get 4 hairtones, join the subscribo group and check past notices).
And next is the LOVELY new elegant gown Sascha's Design has as a January gift for group members. The group has an enrolment fee of 50 L$ but you get ALL past monthly gifts and a few extra ones, like the 5.000 and the 15.000 member gift. Which means you get about 35 gowns for just 50 L$...The cute heart tattoo is also by Sascha's design.
I am wearing the fun Exile hair with the elegant group gift Lazuri has in store for you. A beautiful necklace and earrings set, and 2 great rings.

Another great group gift is the gift by Finesmith. I got the New Years gift, a perfect necklace and earrings set wich looks like snow cristals. Then I got the group gift by Finesmith, Opera hair, very dramatic, with a great diamond set (necklace, earrings and ring) and the winter gift, elegant pearls which will go great with all your gowns. Also a necklace with earrings.

I hopped over to A Touch Of Ireland and they have this fun dress in store for just 10 L$. The great jewelry comes with it, so it is a real bargain.
There are more shops that have a GREAT New Year gown or dress at their store. Like this beauty, it is by Poised and you have to join their subscribo group and check past notes.
Be Happy also has a GREAT new group gift at their store. This lovely gown can be worn in different ways, there are 3 skirt options.

Bliss Couture has a feather poncho as a group gift for their members and a GREAT New Years hat, called Love....and isn't that what we all want in 2012?
Then I got this cute funny 2012 hat from Dirty Little Secret as a gift.
And Annexxx has some really cute boots, a fur stole and a warm winter sweater as a gift at  their store. Perfect for winter :) Oh I said that before...ah well it is New Years day, forgive me if my vbrain isn't working right yet.

How can I start a new year of blogging without SKINS? Oh no that would not be all know I am crazy about skins. So hop over to Skintimate and grab that box with 5 GREAT skins for free (for group members I think but I am not sure. Joining the group is free however)
And as I love hair too: this great hair is the new subscribo gift by Catwa. You get a HUGHE fatpack with all kinds of colors. I am just showing you a few of the RED ones inside this pack.
Last one for today are the very cute NERD glasses Miss Amescha Jewell (from Heartsick) send out in the FabFree group. WOW, she is not only a great sweet lady, but very generous too !