Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enough is enough.

As you maybe saw in the chat window of this blog I am going to remove the chat from the blog. I hope you understand readers, I am doing this blog because I want to share my free finds in SL and not to get irritated about someone who thinks he/she is funny, while they are just being rude. If you want to know something, if you have a question, or if you just want talk to me, please find me in SL. It is no longer possible to leave any comments on this blog.

So over to my finds from today.
Let me start with a wonderful new group gift by The White Armory. This elegant gown is called Seraphim Aquatica and it comes in a lovely aqua shade. WOW what a gown !
Most of the poses I am using on this blog are by Purple Poses. Each one is just 10 L$ and they have many packs at the store too.
Then I got this new release by Shine. The skin is called Ivanna and it comes with many make up options. One of the, Ivanna Tattoo, is the new group gift by Shine. I am also showing you the Ivanna shape.

The next skins are a new release by Beautycode. They are called Keisha and they come in fawn (which I am showing) and mocha. There are 10 make up tones available per skin. NOT free though. 790 L$ per make up skin.

The next skins are by Shiva and they are a gift in the Cafe Hunt. You have to find a cup of coffee to get these lovely skins. There is a shape included, showing you that one too.
Next is the last gift by HeartSoftens. They are closing (or have closed already). I blogged them many times before and I am really sad they are gone now. They always had lovely hair.
Over to some more hair. This cute hair is a gift in the Cafe Hunt. Find a cup of coffee at Ocello and it is yours ;)
This hair with the elegant hat is also a gift in the Cafe Hunt (TCH) It is by Vaughan's House and there is also a blond version in the pack of 4 (which I am not showing because I lost the pic). Find the coffe girls :)
With this hair I had so much fun ! It is by Alice Project and they put it inside the ticket for a concert, which is the hunt item from the Where is the Concert? hunt. The hair has a hud and you can not only change the main color, but also the tips or add streaks in different colors. Have fun playing with this lovely hair ladies !
To wear with the great skins and the hair I found you some eyes. These ones are by Pulcino. It is a gift in The Cafe Hunt and you have to find a cup of coffee at their store to get these great eyes. They come in 3 colors: brown, red and green. And they come in 3 sizes, S M L.
Another store that has put eyes inside their coffee cup is Rozena. You get dark coffee eyes, caramel coffee eyes and hazelnut coffee eyes.
I am wearing this great hair from Alice Project with the dress I found at Solita. This is again a gift in the Cafe Hunt and all you have to do is find a cup of coffee. Which is not too hard to find.
Then I found another dress hidden insid ethe coffee cup, this time at Pesca. It is a lovely soft blue dress and you can spice it up with a scarf or with your lovely jewelry. Find the coffee cup ladies.
The next dress is by YomeShoujo and it is again a gift in the Cafe Hunt. I am not going to repeat what you have to look for :)
And this dress can also be found inside a codffee cup from the Cafe Hunt. You have to jump over to IZM this time to get this dress. The cute little cupcake crown is hidden inside the coffee at NoRe.
And this cute apron is the gift RibboN hid insid etheir coffee cup. The cute spoon which you can also wear on your nose, IN your nose or on your chin is by Pixels and it comes in blue or green. Find the coffee cup to get it.
Then I found these baggy pants inside the coffee cup at NV. I styled them with a former freebie from HOC Industries (the grey sweater). It is still free on the OUTSIDE wall of the store and comes in several colors. You can wear the pants with or without undies.
I am going to end this blog with a cute coffee cup I got from Les Sucreties de Fairy, and you can get it too if you find the cup of coffee at the store.