Saturday, January 7, 2012

Skins and shoes and some extra's.

Today an old-fashioned skin and shoes blog :) Designers can't make me more happy than with a new skin or shoes, so I an soooo happy I found so much of them that I can fill a whole blog :)
Let me start with the GREAT shoes by Purrfect10. Ten Dexler is a great designer and the shoes are of an excellent quality. They are NOT free though, group members of Purrfect10 pay just 99 L$ for each pair !!!

Then I got these cute wedges at Ten10. They are participating in the Where is ? hunt and you have to find a pink star.
These socks with tippy toes or flat feet are a gift from the lucky board at Ten10.
And these red boots are the gift in the For Whatever hunt at Vero Modero. You have to find a big W at the store to get these boots.
These Lady Gaga shoes are a gift in the  FWH (find the big W) at Azoury. I hope you can walk on those !
And these elegant warm winter boots are a new release by Viviane Fashion. I love them all but especially the jeans ones! The texture is amazingly well made ! The boots are not free, for the time being they are sold for a special price of 199 L$.

Over to the skins. There is a 1 L$ hunt going on at Heartsick. It is kinda special, you have to find a regular vendor which is priced 1 L$ and then buy it. It is the Millenium hunt and when you buy the 1 L$ skin you will find an extra present inside. In this case the 1 L$ item is a male skin and I found this GREAT female skin inside, there are also 2 shapes included. ! Hunt runs till Januari 27th.

Then I saw that there were a lot of presents under the Christmas tree at Heartsick. It was still there, so I hope she didn't put it away while I was blogging! Go grab these great presents, skins called Winter Kiss and Cheesecake and ginger bread mouthies, a cute hat and Christmas lights and wings in light and dark !

These are the WINTER KISS skins, you get 4 skintones with each 3 cleavage options. Below the Cheesecake skins.

The next skin is from the lucky board at Image Direct. You also get a shape with the skin.
At Image Direct there are plenty lucky boards and I was so lucky to get a lovely belt too. (ONLY the belt)
This skin is a group gift by Asteria Creations and the shape is included too.
I actually got some more group gifts by Asteria Creations. Joining the group is free. Look below what I got.

Then I got a great face tatoo in black and white from the Lucky Board at Ten10.
And I got this great paw tattoo also at Ten10, as a gift in the AVDCH (find the black christmas tree).